Prince William in Jamaica: ‘Slavery should never have happened’ | USA TODAY

Prince William in Jamaica: 'Slavery should never have happened' | USA TODAY 1


  1. In America we criminalized homelessness which is worse than slavery can anybody else see that? Why kick a dead horse? When a person goes homeless whether it be a war or a world epidemic they should not be tortured for losing everything they once had. The richest man in America can buy every homeless person in America a $100,000 home pay for all food and utilities (for the rest of their lives) and still have $600 million a year living on the interests of what is leftover. Having the right to sleep and use the bathroom is a human right that should not be criminalized. When your body hates you for being human you don’t have much self-esteem left. Nobody should go through life hating who they are because they are human it is mentally ill! People are not products to be bought and sold and in some cases disposed of but it happens. Neither should people go through life knowing when they die they go straight to hell because they are human. Privilege (avarice) does get its way in America but some things just go too far, killing God is one of those things.… Greed is still not good!

    1. All religious organizations should be required to pay: federal, state, County and property taxes. They should be required to do bookkeeping.

  2. At there turn of the 1st millennium AD, half the world were slaves–all that entails, the beatings, the power of life and death. Neither Jesus nor Paul spoke out against slavery when half of the world was enslaved. The Bible gives guidance on how one should treat their slaves and how slaves should act towards their masters. I’m a Christian having this knowledge of what the Bible says, and I say, categorically, that there is nothing more abhorrent to me than the idea of a man owning another man. You ask, “Then how can you read and support what the Bible says?”, to which I have to reply that the Bible is an instruction book for the believer to apply in his relationships of all kinds. Men, being what they are, are going to sell themselves into slavery. Other men are going to sell men into slavery. The Bible attempts to mediate just treatment of those who voluntarily or involuntarily find themselves a slave. When a man finds himself in debt to another, particularly when usury is involved, he is, in effect, the debt holder’s slave, freed when the debt is paid. Because men are base, and the desire to possess–ie greed–is involved, then the modern day form of slavery–capitalism–exists. Rich men have always owned those who are not fortunate and have exploited them. When one considers the issue of slavery, it is necessary to understand what that entails and who are slaves. The case that I would raise, in point, would be M Gates/Trump who will never pay their debts nor serve jail sentences for their crimes because they are fortunate and use those who aren’t to serve their every desire. Those they use submit to that ownership, for one reason or another to survive. Slavery is as old as the first marriage after the fall.

  3. Bye bye USA, bye bye NATO, bye bye DOLLAR. Now RUSSIA will speak and YOU will listen. RUSSIA POWER. PUTIN BEST OF THE BEST. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  4. William is a royal. He knows all about owning slaves, although he would never define them as such.

  5. Blacks are not indigenous to Jamaica & they survived slavery. That island was inhabited by Native Americans when Columbus arrived. You wanna talk about criminal. It is time for the true natives to have their land back. If is okay for Jewish people to reclaim land after 2000 years then we need to review all these Caribbean islands as to who belongs where.

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