1. Bruh did it just say the Ukrainian president is getting a humanitarian award for being not racist? Your propagandas different in the UK isn’t it lol

    1. It said that Zelenskyy was getting the same award, not for the same reason. Open your ears and close your mouth. Organizations give out multiple prizes that often are called the same name, for instance, Nobel prizes. Ignorance is ugly.

    1. No they are not racialist so y don’t have to be sarcastic.poor old lady meant no harm save me from peoplevwho get offended by everything

  2. She fidnt mean them as racialist and anyone who says so is offended by everything. I suppose the woman complained

  3. where did her grandmother come from… where did her great grandmother come from… she took it offensively in a racial way.

  4. The godmother is 83 years old and likely meant, where were her parents or grandparent originally from? Example – I was born in Canada but my heritage my ancestors came from Ireland/ Scotland and landed in a Port in Nova Scotia. Like the pals I grew up with were born in Canada, but their parents came from Jamaica. I’m glad I’m nearing my end as I feel ultra-sorry for the ones who will still be here long after I’m gone.

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