Pro Football Hall of Famer asked if the game is too dangerous. Hear his response

Pro Football Hall of Famer Harry Carson joins "CNN This Morning" to discuss Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin's mid-game cardiac arrest and the dangers of the game. #CNN #News


    1. He really was, and, like many other players isn’t really appreciated for it; also always a intelligent and thoughtful commentator. My only beef with this is, he didn’t really answer the questions directly; I would’ve been more interested in hearing whether he feels he has any CTE symptoms; doesn’t seem like he does. And how many of his teammates have it

  1. Coming from Britain and being a casual fan of rugby I notice the difference where rugby players who wear no protection try to tackle safely where as American footballers with the helmets and padding seem pretty reckless

    1. @Blair Haffly The same is true of boxing gloves. They make boxing more dangerous because they let boxers throw full-force punches to their opponents’ heads without injuring their hands.

    2. @Charles Griswold Hand conditioning was a big part of the martial arts I did. Not many people will put themselves through that. I like boxing but you’re right, there’s a freedom to strike at targets you wouldn’t without gloves.

    3. Although I have watched some amateur rugby games at a park near my house and seen some horrific injuries. A few weeks ago some guy on the bottom of a pileup was literally convulsing on the ground for about a minute while everyone stood around not knowing what to do. It was amazing to me that literally no one seemed to have any first aid training, or even called an ambulance.

    4. I played both; in American football a lot of the players go for hits, instead of good tackling, which is certainly part of the problem. Furthermore, a helmet hit like that one on Monday should not be allowed at all and should be heavily penalized with multiple game, suspensions rather than a 15 yard penalty!

    1. Left on mentioned is the fact that that kind of monday injury is quite rare, and that it happens in other sports like baseball to

  2. I appreciate this Honesty❗️ I started watching football more this season and am appalled at some of the plays/tackles etc. It is very dangerous‼️

    1. @Roe Jogan
      Mr Carson said he thinks back to hits he gave, not just the ones he received. Meaning he wonders if he caused permanent damage to anyone.

    2. @Patticake okay. So this interview definitely had no correlation with what happened in the Monday night game. Sorry! I misunderstood!

    3. More woke talk. I have 3 boys and they will all be competing in football at the highest level. Not a choice in my family.

    4. From early on, I always liked Harry both as a great player and thoughtful commentator; however, he doesn’t discuss whether he’s diminished in any way from being such a physical player or how many of his former teammates are. That hit Monday was very unusual.

  3. Watched a true life documentary on CTE and the bizarre and unfathomable way the football players’ lives changed as a result. It’s just devastating. 😭

    1. @Mr. White Not while playing, but years later. You sure you don’t need the OSHA lesson on limiting long-term exposure hazards?

    2. @Jeff Goddin But the players understand the risks they are taking so that blows your negligence argument out of the water

    3. @Jeff Goddin I own a restoration business……I’m 100% sure I do not need that lesson. I could have a Muncie fall on my head, but I know the risks when I get under a car.

    4. @Roe Jogan If you listened to the interview, he said that they don’t know, they are never told about the risk of life-changing brain injury. If we can all agree to put a huge warning label on the sport and make CTE front and center the main reason to not play football, I bet high schools around the country would drop it, and then players who choose to take that risk can do so, but owners would still be required to take all reasonable steps to mitigate that risk.

    5. @Jeff Goddin we know NOW that they DO know. Therefore anyone playing right now absolutely knows so they can’t claim ignorance. There is already a warning label on the sport

  4. “I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.” – Neil Armstrong

    1. Ok. And what have you done with your beats. Spent them comfortable awaiting the barbarians on the couch?

  5. I appreciate this man’s honesty. Obviously he is privy to information about the NFL,
    Football & injuries that the general public is not

    1. As well as a great player, Harry was always an intelligent and thoughtful commentator; however, in this conversation, it would’ve been more interesting to hear whether he has many CTE symptoms, and whether his former teammates do. It’s still unclear what percentage of players have issues.

  6. I understand the concern and the importance of this conversation, but let’s be honest with ourselves, football isn’t going anywhere, and the NFL definitely isn’t going anywhere. There’s just too much money involved. Is football dangerous? Of course it is. But so is hockey, MMA, and boxing.

  7. Started playing Pee Wee Football at the age of 7. Progressed through Midgets, Junior High, Freshman, JV and High School. Upon graduation from HS my shoulders were a mess and I had endured three concussions. I am positive that the constant ringing in my ears and limited use of my right arm is because of Football. If I could do it over there is no way I would have played the game. My wife and I have a combined total of 80 years working in coaching or sports medicine at the highest level of Collegiate and Olympic/Paralympic sport. There was no way either of our children would play football. It is nothing but a meat grinder. There is a tremendous value in football as far as organization and teamwork go. However, the gains of being part of a team will never outweigh the downside of head and orthopedic disabilities. If you are a parent think of another sport rather than football.

    1. You started way too young. Like my idiot brother-in-law who has his 7 & 8 year olds riding motor bikes. Don’t get me wrong. I like Motorbikes, but not until the body is developed. At least 12, better at 14 and some non contact football type training involving falling down. Get a relationship with the earth. It’s non negotitable.

    2. @Swivarithan L’Gooding-Splatt You must be a mind reader. In addition to playing football, I started riding off road motorcycles at the age of ten. Absolutely loved being in the woods and developing the skills needed for riding enduros. At the age of 21 I was in an accident in a local sand pit where I was thrown off a sand ledge and I fell 70+ feet. It took two hours of yelling for help before someone found me. The accident left me paralyzed from the hips down. Following two years of rehab I ditched my former aspirations of being a machinist and went to plan B, becoming an exercise scientist and coach. Been a coach at the Olympic and Paralympic Games where my athletes earned over 70 medals. I have also coached a total of 12 champions in the Wheelchair Division at the Boston Marathon. Absolutely no regrets, unlike football when it comes to my off road motorcycling experiences. I take full responsibility for my motorcycle accident, but I have not come to terms with all of the carnage football caused with secondary ailments over the last 50 years.

    3. There are always some players that are injured, more orange, or less; the question is how much worse your injuries were than the typical player? It’s still unclear how many X players actually have CTE; Harry certainly doesn’t seem like he has it, and I would like to of heard him answer on that, and how many of his teammates have issues

  8. Any kind of physical activity is dangerous. Even going upstairs can give you a heart attack if you have a weak heart to begin with.

    1. Ok but no one is inducing your heart attack which contrasts it from football where you are deliberately injured by other players, not your own health.

  9. How brave!! To call it out for what it is. I am someone who has spent a 40 year career rehabbing people with neurological injury. This game has never made sense to me for the potential of injury that occurs.

    1. I don’t think his answers were that satisfying; I’d rather know whether he feels he himself is greatly diminished, because he was always an intelligent and thoughtful commentator, and he still seem so. Also, how many of his former teammates are afflicted with CTE? Besides, which, that Monday hit was very unusual, and has happened occasionally in other sports like baseball

  10. Great and honest answer, up to scientific evidence. If you wanna keep your brain/mental health in a later age, you should not play football or fight full contact martial arts in your youth.

  11. North Dallas Forty is one of my favorite [football] movies. And it still kills me to see how much they put their bodies through on a rewatch. It’s only entertainment, but kicks your head in about realities on the field.

    1. @NBA1 Wow, you edited your comment from a normal reply to spam. Yall are upgrading tactics for likes.

  12. I’ve been watching football for a very long time and if you go back to those old games and see what kind of hits and tackles those players delt with, it was almost barbaric! I remember a interview with a lineman from the 49ers. He said at halftime the trainer would drain the fluid from his knee so he could go back and play the 2nd half.

  13. Harry Carson is a very courageous man to speak out and to share his experience! Young men should listen to his experience; you cannot ignore the risks!

  14. If the NFL was truly serious, they could reduce injury by heavily penalizing any hitting using the head on purpose with multiple game unpaid suspensions. Then, besides improving the helmets as they’re continuing to do, they could further emphasize tackling, which is more work, versus hitting, which is easier and looks more dramatic.

  15. Harry making a great point and he may have incurred the type of damage he speaks about. I personally think football is to risky and should be limited.

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