1. @Colin Faust Yes, a Republic, which means the supreme power is supposed to be held by the people, not by this or that state. I know you love an archaic voting system developed to favor slave owners in the South instead of a truly fair 1 person 1 vote system like the rest of the civilized World. I mean, you have stolen the elections five times already because of the Electoral College; which deals with partisan state voter concentration instead of the country’s population. Enjoy that crap while it last. The Electoral College is a bipartisan (most of the House, including Republicans, are in favor of dissolving it) issue that is being addressed; and as soon as we regain the Senate I’m hopeful the process to abolish it will move on to action.

  1. Is this guy really a Democrat?…
    He certainly doesn’t sound like one, unless I don’t know a Democrat profile….

    1. @Colin Faust Lol democrats have literally been exactly in the center for the past 30 years. Bill Clinton and Obama were smack dab in the middle. If finally coming out and supporting policies that actually help the middle class is considered ‘far left’ then yeah, I guess.

    2. Corporate democrats are centrist republicans. Even Obama admitted that he was one of them. Sigh

    1. @William H Given tRumps record on Flip flopping on about everything he says, he cannot be trusted….. who know what he’ll do tomorrow or the next day….

       He’s a complete danger to America and the world…. Send him anyway, stick him in a desert with a gun some where far away..

    2. @Jim P Trump has been America’s savior. Best president in the last 200 years by far. Is your sexuality BISEXUAL or HOMOSEXUAL?

    1. @Tucker Carlson listen fucker fakeperson that isn’t news. It’s a whole lotta bullshit but it ain’t big news. It’s like saying republican took bribe, happens so often it’s like page five of the newspaper, again not big news. Just news.

    1. A socialist is second in the nomination race. Do you really not see how far left the dems have gone? Dems in the 90’s would be considered republicans today. They didn’t change the party did. Plus anyone who runs a business would be stupid not to support Trumps growth policies.

    1. @William H you’re a bot! Your fixation on sexuality is pretty much in line with the GRU. Which office coded you?

    2. @Peoples Republic of Ninj Actually I’m a musician, artist and political activist. I have a clear message & my YouTube channel backs up this claim, by the way are you BISEXUAL or HOMOSEXUAL?

    3. @William H Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha huuuuuh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha wow that was funny. My sides hurt from that. Seriously though which unit of the GRU could come up with this kind of coding? Anyone?

    4. And blacks and anybody with brains not dead head Trumptards impeach bozo the Orange clown

  2. Stole that wig from Thelma Harper (Mama’s Family), didn’t ya? You look like a damn fool, old man. 🤣

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