1. @William Royer Kim was freed from the clutches of deep state..dum asses like you are just minions of the sick innerbread NWO MSM that social engenner The sheeple…that only know how to say orange man bad…

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    2. 90% of the executions and crazy things you hear are propaganda and unverified rumours.

  1. Awe!, how sweet. They’re back in good terms again. I hope their wives don’t mind 2 sweaty fatty cholesterol ridden mad men.

  2. And we fell in love……..🤢 so basically they broke up back in February and are now back together… sounds like a toxic relationship to me.

    1. @Michael Lopez What do you suggest we try instead Michael? He’s already sanctioned to high hell. We have a fleet there. We have deployed THAADS in south Korea and are now attempting dialogue. What does the genius Mike propose?

    2. Stoney Curtis did you like it when they both hated each other threatening to blow each other up instead?

  3. Can you picture Obama telling Republican voters that he fell in love with Kim? They would’ve hollered for his arrest that day. Hell they holler about Hillary’s arrest still to this day even though Trump and his family use the same insecure devices. Hypocrites and false rage

    1. exactly. remember when they would call him fatboy? way before little rocketman…and now he’s a friend???

    2. Garry Miller how is an opinion a criminal act though? Your going to compare a comment to Hillary who committed many crimes?

  4. Kim jong: “oh donald, me love you long time big boy” Trump: “well kimmy….just start at my bone spurs and work your way up to my magic mushroom”!!!!!!

    1. @Firstwave After Trump secures his second term he will be doing on the job training and seasoning for our future first female president Ivanka. After that it’s Donald Trump Jr, Eric and BARRON Trump. The Trump dynasty is just beginning.

    2. LMAO! And this is why I love Youtube comments. Everyone always bitching and cussing at each other over funny jokes.

    3. david zero : Reading down the comments on this story, I have to say, it raises the spirits somewhat. People can be so funny, especially with this pair of lover boys 🤣

    4. @jay Leonard sooooo your are bigoted ( moonshine making and banjo picking you uneducated hillbilly inbread *in-breed*) but accusing someone of racism LOL

  5. *Roses are red, Violets are blue, if you have any dirt on a political opponent I’ll listen to you.*
    XoXoX Don-Don…OxOxO

    1. anonymous oh yeah yeah commander –

      First, the mysterious foreign power you speak of is jolly old England who is allied with the US since well forever. Not cyber warfare ready nuclear capable, trigger happy global adversarial superpower sovereignty of Russia.

      Second, the Dossier was compiled by a retired agent meaning they are not acting in officially capacity on behalf of Britain.

      Third, unfortunately there is no law standing that outlaws a candidates prerogative to fund opposition research.

  6. It was a connect the dots coloring sheet from Denny’s. *Kim slowly opens his desk drawer and reaches for his crayolas*

  7. So sad … when Short Round praises you … you know you are on the wrong side of history lol.

  8. Kim is playing Trump like a Stradivarius. He’ll figure that out when he’s strapped across the front of an artillery Cannon

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