Professor Brendan Nyhan Looks At The Age Of Misinformation And How To Fix It | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sharing and believing misinformation appears to be on the rise across the globe. Professor Brendan Nyhan looks at misinformation in the public sphere in a new paper, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Professor Brendan Nyhan Looks At The Age Of Misinformation And How To Fix It | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. So the latest farcical conspiracy theory is that General Tso, of General Tso’s chicken placed bamboo inside the Arizona ballots. 😂

    1. @Jeremy Backup, some years back, a science survey found that 26% of the people in the U.S. believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth. That is the same percentage that would later in Nov. 2016 vote for the little man who believes the world revolves around him.

    2. This one really cracked me up! My theory is that the people running this “circus” (Cyber Ninja’s- tell me that’s not a joke?) are all higher than kites on edibles or other mind altering substances, making up the most bizarre things, having a good laugh. And laughing even harder when they put it off, trying to be serious. It might be comical if it weren’t so annoying.

  2. It’s like Fox and Donald took a page right out of Goebbels’ playbook.

    “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition, and a psychological understanding of the people concerned, that a square is in fact a circle.”
    — Joseph Goebbels

    Goebbels in 1941 said, “There are so many lies that truth and swindle can scarcely be distinguished.”

    1. @Franz Ludwig I think Trotsky was the left winger. Lenin just did it for his brother. And it’s pretty clear Stalin was not a communist. I honestly don’t know enough about the modern rulers.

    2. @Franz Ludwig Think of Lenin like Biden, when he rigged the primary and shafted Bernie. He basically tricked the population. They wanted full communism. He gave them some soft centrist corruption.

    3. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Also Joseph Goebbels.

  3. I just can’t believe how crazy america has gone!! I’m so sick of it!! We will keep on voting these traitors out of our government because we have to!

    1. Laura Troxel, hang in there. During the Colonial Era, the then Conservatives (aka Tories, aka Loyalists) stood by their Benedict Arnold; the crazy Conservatives of today stand by their Benedict Donald.

    2. @R Wags – When your account gets suspended/terminated by the YT “police”, you make a new account. Kindly “get over yourself”, please. 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve had YouTube accounts for about 10 years now….if only YT would stop deleting them. lol!

    3. @Mauser – *”I’m letting people know of hate on the Left”*

      I don’t see any apparent “hate on the Left”, but THE HATE coming from the Right-wing nutcases like you, “Mauser”, *_is MORE THAN ENOUGH to destroy the country._*

  4. Using the internet people can search around for the conspiracy that’s just right for them. The conspiracies they want to believe.

    1. The “made-to-fit” conspiracy theory is also presented to those accepting people through the algorithm filters used by social media sites to select material for users to see. When a person fails to critically evaluate such material and engages with their confirmation bias they increase the impact that misinformation has on their political views. When people interact with others who similarly are impacted by misinformation on social media sites they find communities of people where the misinformation is normalised. You can see how de-platforming users and social media sites is essential in countering the political dis/misinformation process.

    2. @Jim Donelly the problem i have is simple. Your right as an American is to critically evaluate whatever you want read or watch and communicate with whoever you want about whatever you want. It’s being normalized for people to be scolded for having a different opinion now

    3. I trying to figure out why he and others believe that because you have a lot of alphabets behind your name or went to these ” prestigious ” this makes them smart, we’ve seen a lot of these people buy the alphabet and buy their way into and through schools, stop that argument please

    4. Hitler managed to eventually sway & corrupt an entire nation without the internet – he preyed on the discontent of millions & bullied & bullshitted his way to power. Social media is just another means of message delivery. I guess the American population needs to address why it’s so discontented with it’s lot before it completely lunches itself over bad memes & unchecked stories.

  5. From across the pond, people with little or no self worth will join with anything or anyone just to be.
    Sadly they took up with citizen trump pity them.

  6. QAnon, Trumplicans don’t like the facts they hear, so they make up their own “alternative facts”.

    1. I know some with both common sense & intelligence, who became willing to throw both in the garbage, for the sake of “winning” or being able to call other people “sheep”. The one that gets me the most, is the pretense that masks are a newfangled liberal attempt at tyranny, that make no impact on the spread of germs🤦‍♀️

    2. People who don’t think critically and fail to consciously check their biases are in reality not at all intelligent, and certainly not “highly” so.

  7. Just inform the new generations by implementing an additional mandatory Course in schools that teaches about “information”. That way u don’t have to remove freedom of speech.

    1. @H K S It is something that wont go away with 1 generation. Just like the ideology of slavery didn’t go away immediatly after it was officially abolished.
      Internet opened up a whole new world, and I guess in a sense social media is still relatively new?
      I value your points tho.

    2. @Paul Wilson Okay, U are giving me a few options here….
      OR I take u are a troll
      OR u have absolutely no idea what “communism” actually is
      OR I take u just don’t have a clue what I’m talking about (and I’m saying this in a polite way)
      OR a mix of the above.

      In NO F***ING WAY did I ever advocate to remove freedom of speech, u dimwit. (That’s me using that exact thing. I’m tired of people pulling things out of context.)

      Have a nice day 🙂

    3. @Paul Wilson too bad you have no idea what communism or socialism is, you should research both. Then you might realize that republicans constantly lie to their own voters. This then makes them able to slash taxes for billionaires, and raise taxes for the working poor. Also, while you do some research check out “predatory capitalism”. Have a nice day Paul, and a nice read.

  8. They gathered on January 6th, because Trump invited them. And, he should be held responsible.

  9. People are lazy, they don’t want to think for themselves so they just allow others to think for them.

    1. People do want to think for themselves, only some don’t want to think for too long (either laziness or no time or different priorities) lol

    2. They can easily self check using Dr. Lee’s socialist world wide web protocol to self check

    3. @Paul Wilson Absolutely! Luckily there’s this thing called “nuances” and “accepting that it does applies to everyone, including oneself.” It keeps one humble.
      That’s what prevents =>pride<= from keeping one ignorant.

  10. Rupert Murdoch must be held accountable. First a spot light must be shown up on him .
    So few citizens are aware of who and what Rupert Murdoch is . As well as hos wife .

    1. While Murdoch indeed has a huge blame, this is not about who is accountable. It is about change. In most of the rest of the democratic world, it is forbidden for news media to lie or fabricate histories. If they do, they risk loosing their license and huge fines. Note they can omit positive stories, however they cannot lie. This law should and would be fairly easy to implement in USA also.

  11. Social media it is very simple. Just make the social media publisher responsible for the content, in the same way papers are responsible for publishing letters of readers. There is no solution, because Facebook and Google have too much power and reject any serious responsibility for content.
    Remember there is NO freedom without responsibility.

  12. This is EXACTLY the problem. It actually frustrates me hearing you guys say the same things over and over and over knowing that the people that already know it are the only ones hearing it. People now think that Facebook and YouTube are legitimate research vehicles. They aren’t, and they never will be. It’s so infuriating.

  13. Don’t forget the impact of the Overton Window and how f&x uses it to slowly move viewers towards extremism.

  14. As PT Barnum said about the American Public:”There is a sucker born every minute!”

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