Progressive Groups Caution Biden On Weakening Infrastructure Bill

Rachel Maddow reports on President Joe Biden meeting with Republicans for negotiations on the ambitious infrastructure bill and notes that progressive leaders are encouraging Biden not to get caught in a trap of weakening a bill that Republicans won't vote for anyway.
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  1. They need at least 6 of them because the Dems might have at least 2 senators who will vote with the Republicans

  2. like it matters. i can’t help being cynical with manchin and sinema, never mind the rabid right.

    1. @Polar Opposite its not an infrastructure bill its a jobs bill that centers around infrastructure.

    2. @BeardedPagan Did you read the bill? Infrastructure is roads, but it goes well beyond that of course. Infrastructure is a very broad term and has many different meanings. However, in government, infrastructure is defined as the system of public works of a country, state, or region also: the resources (such as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity. 2: the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization) 3: the permanent installations required for military purposes. This includes roads, highways, streets, bridges, mass transit, airways, airports, water supply, waste management, and wastewater management, etc. Much of this is handled by the state and local governments. What is not infrastructure is $400 billion in childcare and $400 billion in home healthcare, both are included in Biden’s “infrastructure” bill among many other non-infrastructure progressive goals.

      Usually, infrastructure plans/bills are bipartisan and cost way less than trillions of dollars. This is because everyone is for infrastructure, and infrastructure spending is necessary and largely focused on infrastructure. However, Biden’s infrastructure bill (~$2.5 trillion) is hardly focused on infrastructure and is largely dishonest. Calling the bill an infrastructure bill and hiding the long-time goals of progressives in the bill is the main issue here. $174 billion in incentives for driving electric cars is not infrastructure, in fact, it was part of AOC’s Green New Deal. A very small percentage of the money (~5%) that would be allotted for this “infrastructure” bill would go to actual infrastructure. Progressives won the election and should outright say what they want to the American people. If you want federally funded childcare, do it, but don’t hide your party’s agenda behind bills that claim to be something they are not. Most importantly, READ THE BILL! Very few people that I know, who have read the bill and are both liberal and republican, want this to pass. It puts the money in the hands of Washington DC to federally overlook what is usually state and local government’s responsibility, this is not only extremely inefficient but, its cronyism.

    3. @Polar Opposite Not enough intelligent people in our country to read the bill. Many Americans see infrastructure as the title of the bill and are sold on it without even thinking twice. An unfortunate truth! Dems know this hence their tactics to push progressive goals through cover-up bills. Blatant dishonesty.

  3. when building back better means working primarily with those who hope you fail, then you know you’re in dc!!

  4. The POTUS said, in his interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, that he will work with Rs to get a “bipartisan” infrastructure bill passed, but will get the things they will not support without them. That is not “weakening” his position, but rather offering them the opportunity to show they are engaged in helping the country move forward. If they decline his offer it becomes a powerful tool to use in future elections.

    1. Exactly and Thank you. …. The News Media has very deliberately pretended that Biden is weak and somehow Stupid enough after all of the years he been dealing with toxic republicans to think they will roll over and play nice doggy with him…. Biden and his administration are dealing with this situation perfectly …they know if you run your whole election campaign on bringing the country back together again ..and you see the GOP and FOX telling everyone that Biden’s a hateful old man that refuses to work with them …. then the very last thing you want to do is act in ways that give your enemies power … so he knows those pieces of garbage will never work with him …. but he and his people understand you at the very least have to act as though these people are being included in the process …then when they show their true hateful colors …. you have a valid excuse to say we’ll do this ourselves because the GOP once again refuse to help the American public … IE. this is 101 Political Strategy going on here …and the horrible news media knows that very well ….

    2. @Tom Batman joined three weeks ago. It’s just a troll. Don’t bother. Stay healthy everyone! 🇺🇸😷🇺🇸

  5. If you buy a cheap pair of shoes, you’ll have to replace it often and you may need to see a podiatrist. Save yourself the trouble and get a good pair the first time, i.e. fund the bill as though you want the results to last.
    As for the Republicans amending the bill and not voting for it: during negotiations make it clear that if they don’t support an amended version publicly, then the bill reverts back to its original provisions. That should give them something to ponder.

  6. I think he has to prove to Manchineel, Sinema and Tester that he really tried so that they can vote for the size bill we need.

  7. Doctor:
    So,Mr. Biden,have you been suffering from memory loss? ”
    I don’t know, I can’t remember.”

  8. The GQP is like, “govt aid is only for billionaires, not for things that benefit the lower 85%, never!” Has grumpy ole Moscow Mitch come out swinging against this yet? Let me guess…

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