Progressive leader once said Manchin wasn’t a real Democrat. See her reaction to Manchin’s deal

Progressive leader once said Manchin wasn't a real Democrat. See her reaction to Manchin's deal 1


    1. @BKM Do you think a greater tax burden on production, even bigger deficits and the subsequent printing press finance to finance the deficits by the Federal Reserve will result in lower prices and a greater supply of goods? Why would you think that?

  1. Looks like taxpayers will be paying for security for every government employee. You think the country is divided now…

  2. we all aware manchin is gonna pull the plug at the last minute right? like we all see that, we all on the same page right?

    1. Why do you think even more debt is the answer? Put more burdens on business os the answer? The Federal Reserve created the inflation
      It can only fix it by decreasing the currency supply. That means selling its bonds, which means higher rates.

    2. @Quarky Chick I self identify as being able to fly and if you think I can’t you’re an istaphobe.  

      We need to bring back the loony bins.

    1. @kehau Brigoli…..he’s extremely popular in the state of west virginia, so I doubt he’s going anywhere.

    2. @deplorable federalist of course because it’s a republican state, but they voted him in as a democrat. He’s a plant, they were patient and he’s finally useful.

  3. 15% corporate tax?! I pay more than that, and I’m retired. My friend pays more than that, and he’s on SSI with no other income!

    1. The people who own businesses also pay all the taxes that you do. They pay sales tax, income tax and property taxes as individuals..The difference is you are demanding one more tax on them. Besides, the tax is a burden on production, and the cost is transferred to the consumer.

    2. @Real-H The rate for businesses should be zero. Taxes are a burden on production. You act like the individuals who own businesses don’t pay any other taxes as individuals. The corporate tax is just one more tax on top of all the others.

    3. It’s NOT a investment,it’s just more money wasted that we don’t have !Vote out everyone of these fools.

  4. This isn’t journalism, this is tabloid gossip. It’s all about politicians squabbling and personalities instead of asking what politicians are doing, or not doing, to help Americans who elected them.

    1. @Gnirol Namlerf not sure you’re following the thread…..just commenting on a comment you disagreed with…..I’m a lifelong Democrat and was/is aware of jobs being shipped to other countries to pay cheaper wages to employees who either wasn’t working or was making pennies for their labor since high school when I got interested in politics

    2. Um– two bills and two votes were discussed. Issues. About HELPING AMERICANS! That’s political journalism.

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  5. “Do you want to say sorry for being so mean to Joe Manchin?” Is this a joke? The man can still pull the rug. He has before. Why are we praising him for simply claiming that he’ll do the first good thing he’s ever done for the American people?

    1. @Caskas Just FYI, did you know polling has been done in West Virginia, and it found that the majority of residents support Build Back Better as well as other bills Manchin refuses to support?

      I’m not talking slim majorities either. If I remember right, over 70% were in support for BBB there. That’s more than enough to pass Senate without Manchin’s vote if Congress was representative of WV. Heck, even if this wasn’t a budgetary measure, you wouldn’t even need to worry about a filibuster with those kind of numbers.

      And it’s not just BBB. America as a whole favors a ton of progressive agendas and policies. Yet, there are still some Democrats who scoff at healthcare for all and student loan forgiveness.

      I personally think their time is short though. As the youth continue to come of age and vote, I think we will begin to see a radical shift towards those policies, regardless of how centrists like Manchin and Sinema feel. Heck, in some cases like Sinema, it’s already happening. Polling already shows her lagging behind most potential candidates for Arizona’s 2024 Democratic Primary. Likely due to the censure and her stances on popular bills and measures. We probably won’t see her serve another term.

      Perhaps if Manchin backs out, similar to Sinema, the Democratic party should censure him. Or if it is within their ability, I’d even go as far as kicking him out of the party. Maybe then, WV would be a lot less willing to reelect him.

  6. And then uh oh Manchin changes his mind again. No deal, I really see this playing out like that.

    1. @Shenanigansagain The best way to spend our tax dollars is by giving that money to billionaires. Right?

    1. @Real American It’s odd how YouTube allows this crap and other things like people selling crypto or people trying to direct you to another site that has nothing to do with the thread but will shadow ban or delete other people’s comments

  7. It’s good to see all those social aspects that were stripped out of BBB finally get brought back up like Dems promised. Oh wait, this is almost none of that.

  8. Get behind Joe Biden now, and remember all he has done under tough circumstances for YOU, the American family.

  9. Well, if it’s like his other “deals,” the ones HE PERSONALLY WROTE, he’ll just vote against it

    1. @cbmira01yt I’m pretty sure this guy’s account was hacked, but it’s the usual “piss you off, click on a link, inject your computer, then “you” send them out

  10. *I believe in it when Biden signs it.* I love Ms. Jayapal’s optimism, I know it is how she does her job, and she needs that sunny outlook. So do we all after the cynicism of the Trump years, when we had a president who did nothing but whine.
    But I really hope she (and we) have not been fooled again.

  11. FYI, Love Brianna Keilar. She always seems to have on the best quests, asks the right questions, and doesn’t just accept the obvious evasion or lie–she asks the follow-up question. She’s a tough journalist, and we don’t have enough of them.

  12. This is the good news we need to turn things around and avoid a recession. The economy is strong, but the conservatives’ panic and constant claiming the “sky is falling” is scaring people, devaluing the stock market and slowing our economy.

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