1. Trump is not going anywhere he will never see you one day in jail you just love to blah blah blah blah blah blah he is the king of America he’s got more money that all Americans put together so stop blah blah blah blah blah

    2. @Martin Dreadhe might have a lot of money but he ain’t no better president than any other president he was the worst president America will ever see

    1. @Nexus Six They already have him for campaign finance fraud, don’t you have access to real news, comrade? Perhaps you just have a limited memory, remember individual one?

  1. People, you all know that he did this why are we dragging our feet in this case he should be charged for criminal offenses and arrested plain and simple if someone else had done this they would have been in jail by now why is it taking so long I just say system sucks

    1. Well in America people are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So they do have to build the case first they can’t just arrest him and say everybody knows he did this.

    2. @SuperDannyrulez understandable if we all didn’t see so much video coverage over and over and over……

  2. A Fool rushes in where angels fear to tread. Trump was so foolish enough and so desperate enough to make a phone call that would have him on tape. SMDH.

    1. Knowing what we do about trump, and the fact he went to the Russians, Ukraine and China for help, I seriously doubt that was the only State he tried to coerce, love to see his phone records for that period when the FBI is done with them.

    2. He was used to doing this his whole life, he forgot that as a President he will be recorded and he thought very delussionally that every Republican is a crooked as himself.

  3. He needs to be accountable… this man is guilty of so much. He has blood on his hands for all those that died from covid. He knew. GEORGIA PLEASE GIVE US JUSTICE!!!!

    1. @FRAG OUT 👍Enjoy the Evening. It’s truly sad what politics and this so called virus has done to this country.

    2. @Andiamo18 TDS – “Trump derangement syndrome” People dressed head to toe in Trump hats, shirts, flags, and banners holding parades/caravans for him when he’s not even there! People who listen to Trump say something horrible, something they know is horrible – but then think he never said it because Trump says he never said it. THAT is TDS, not pointing out his lies and dumb a** behavior.

  4. Donnie The Trumpet, “Just say you recalculated, yea that’s the ticket, only count my votes, so important for me/I mean,
    the country”…

  5. Poor wedding couples and guest I can’t believe how I will feel if someone starts to whine on my wedding party about an election he lost 🙁, and this is funny 😂😂😂

    1. This must be a comedy , no one could be this low no class at all — oh I
      forget the Fat Orange Turd .

  6. I had a dream… the orange clown was in an orange suit.

    He went too far, too many times. Just like Al Capone, he may not fall for what we thought he would but this dangerous “man” will be down anyway.

    1. I had the same dream. I think mine was a premonition. And it was great! He was behind bars with all the other crooks in his administration.

    2. @BYDEN Gives XI a Reach Around Daily LMAO! Something bad about Trump got reported? Quick… copy pasta some deflection!!

    1. @Michael Fairbairn I’m voting for the American Patriot.
      Confederate flag waving traitors are not getting my vote.

    1. @Andiamo18 take all the politics out of it; you really still can’t see that he is a horrible person? The constant lying. The bullying. The selfishness. The lying.

    1. @Julian Rivera you are wrong. l my not a troll. visit the channel l have told you about.you will see what awaits us.

    2. @M Hall Biden and Trump are just actors. they have same masters ( ,Windsor ,Rockfeller , Rothschild. …) and worship the same god :Lucifer

  7. Hopefully Trump will trading in that toupee real soon for a bed buddy called “Bubba? ” we go to jail over a speeding ticket, but this narcissistic man child literally tried altering our very democracy!

  8. Imagine being able to look back on your wedding and say “remember when trump stood up and whined about losing the election?” He’s so pathetic

    1. @Uriah Heep If you let your significant other read some of my post, she will immediately get pregnant, I have that much testosterone flowing and yeah, you cannot keep printing money, eventually someone will have to get a job, or learn how to work on the machines…… and prices will start skyrocketing Nationwide… but don’t worry, they will print more money, LOL

    2. @Stephen Gordon the channel “shaking my head productions ” can wake you up .Don’t miss learning the truth about this world . instead of watching CNN or fox news, watch one of these channel videos.

    3. @Sgt.Martin Riggs, see, as soon as facts are mentioned you go silent. No worries, I wasn’t expecting much anyway.

    4. @Tracy Walker sgt Marty party hearty reporting for cult45 insurrectionists take over and photograph shooting. To whom do I apply for head of brain damaging drugs? 🥳 😆 omg!

  9. The fact that his toast to a newlywed couple was about his own election that he lost over 5 months ago is absolutely hilarious but shows how much of a narcissist he is.

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