Protester interrupts Poilievre’s campaign announcement

A protester was escorted from Pierre Poilievre's campaign announcement in front of the Bank of Canada Museum in Ottawa.

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    1. @walkabout I’m pretty sure the guy making a scene wasn’t right wing. Lol. Duh. He was protesting Pierre, a conservative. Lol. Once again the liberals have it exactly backwards.

    1. @tom bottle he didnt call him names and if the guy actually asked a question Pierre would likely have answered….i think his bank account should be suspended

    1. …back to Alberta!!!👏👏😷☺️☮️💖😷👏😷. ( Please.)

  1. 2 Canadians living on the Gulf of Mexico praying for humanity Godspeed J&D

  2. learn the lesson! watchouts for that freaks and protect our Canada’s one and only hope for PM Pierre! 🇨🇦🌤🌱THANK YOU.🙏

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