‘This should have been done 15 years ago’: PM Trudeau on blood ban end

Justin Trudeau addressed the Canadian Blood Services ending its three-month donor deferral period for gay men and other LGBTQ2S+ members.

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  1. He’s just distracting from his own RCMP inquiry, if he wanted he could’ve done this long ago. Egotistical narcisist

    1. We don’t really need to focus on the inquiry. I’d rather not constantly hear excuses or apologies, let him continue doing his job and the inquiry results will come when its done.

    2. @Meridian Line if you are saying that not then no answer is going to please you. You’ve convinced yourself there is no point and if they do decide it isn’t fraud you’ll just say ‘bought and paid for’. It’s a pretty jaded way of thinking.

    3. @S B That just sounds like a cookie cutter redirected remark identical to the reason given on why Trump was aquitted in the states.

  2. What we need is a blood bank where we can store our own blood for future use. Then again, the word bank means that it may be frozen just when you need it.

    1. Any studies regarding vaxxed and notvaxed and their blood. What is the difference? If I got blood transfusions from vaxxed, could I be automaticaly vaxxed too? 😁 At the beginning of “pandemic” vaxxed couldn’t donate their blood. Now we have over 90% of population vaxxed. So what that mean to unvaxed population or patients that could not be vaxxed because of health condition and need blood or products from blood? Any explanation and safety standards…

    2. If you have a problem (even a stupid one)

      I wouldn’t have any issue with you opting out of the public system and find your own source of blood.

  3. Where are these “dozens” of studies and could we read them? Where could I get my hands on all these studies?

    1. My favourite source is the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. They are very well regarded, also, you pronounce the acronym P-NAS, which makes the immature part of my brain very happy.

    2. @Kiyansh Singh with modern advances in medicine the predominance your stereotypes are built upon are outdated

    3. @Vikfee
      No one needs a degree to understand studies, just a little common sense, It seems you don’t have much considering this question. Sad really, although fools like you these days seems to be a pandemic a “real” one I must say.

    1. @Jay Gray No you literally have no rights as a father/parent unless you go to court. The mother gets all the rights unless agreed upon or is ordered by the court.

    2. @Jay Gray Seen this again and again…. lots of bitching but then they don’t show up for court. Or they decide the court system is fucked and use that as an excuse to not even try. Also… unfortunately many men run from their responsibilities… and it’s no wonder the courts are unbalanced as it’s the moms who bear the weight most of the time. If parenting itself were more balanced… maybe custody issues would be too.

    3. @SMS I’ve known divorced men, with children, who go out of their way to hide their income just so the former family doesn’t have access to “his money”

  4. how are they addressing crime – either planed or accidental? why are innocent canadians continue to die at the hands of gangs and vehicle crashes?

  5. um… shouldn’t ALL blood be tested as it comes in? like seriously, THAT is how it should have always been.

    1. @Knightley Honky Hahahaha Not really. Back then, I was just baby.
      By the way, keep praying to don’t need a transfusion; not because transfusions are unsafe, but rather because your health wouldn’t be going too well if you are in need of a transfusion.

    2. @android5584 no I pray because I don’t want to get a tainted bag of blood or plasma, or have some sort of allergic reaction to it.

  6. 15 years …. of which he has been in power for half. What a clown. We need help with SOARING food, gas, and housing expenses. Please resign sir.

    1. Started with Harper my friend, Recently documents list, Harper was grooming Justin…that’s why he’s friends with Pierre…

  7. Why did the Quebec government pass a bill the other day allowing the government to strip parents of their parental rights sounds kind of sick to me

    1. Does it really sound sick? I cannot imagine how you are going to feel when you hear about the cases they need to use such laws…

  8. With all that’s going on in the world , this was definitely at the top of the list of important issues!

  9. “And I was only in charge for 8 of them! You’re welcome for my my explemplary views of inclusion for all of Canadians.”

  10. Let’s use the word “frustrating” in a most appropriate sentence!!

    It is FRUSTRATING to have a PM like Justin for 7 years..

  11. “We need more science” … Yup – “science says …” does anyone really believe this bozo? Like really, ever? And if so, why?

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