PSAC strike: Treasury Board defends wage increase presented to union | CTV’s Question Period

Treasury Board President Mona Fortier says negotiations with PSAC are ongoing, while defending the wage increase offered to the union.

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    1. @OttawaInHD: she should give the the 13.5%, but after 7 weeks. The feds would save enough money by not paying them for 7 weeks, to give them the 13.5%. On top of that, the 13.5% over three years would be exactly the same amount as the savings by the feds for that 7 weeks,

  1. Mona Forties took 4 pay raises since pandemic and PSAC workers are out of contract since 2021. She gave a wage increase of 2% last and now has bumped it to 3%. It is still a wage cut as inflation over the 3 year period is 13.8%.

  2. I love she is relating them to children “kicking and screaming” when she is the one who wasted 2 years of negotiations. great job! keep giving yourself and your MP’s raises while the low level workers suffer more and more.

    1. @Cliff Layne We saw what Elon did with twitter. I bet you could fire half of them and actually have it run better.

    2. Kicking and screaming : non professional words at all …how can she sleep at night ? Focused she said lolll : so where have you been since Oct 2021 ?

  3. Let me raise some basic questions
    1) Is she experienced to handle such critical matters ? i don’t think so when you check her background…She is highly incompetent and canadian government is full of such idiots.
    2) She could have closed the deal before strike happened…. When you are not experienced then you are completely unaware of repercussion of you decisions.
    She should be fired on immediate basis on competence ground … Deal must be closed at logical stage with sensible leadership

    1. Each and everyone from the Government (including public workers) and need to be fired and abolish positions.

  4. The contract ended two years ago, this doesn’t add up. The government only came to the table a year ago.

    1. Was clearly a game of chicken. In addition to her own admission she only gave a ‘fair’ offer when they were close to strike.

      So they tabled lowball offers and waited to see if the union blinked on a strike. They didnt.

  5. IF wages don’t keep up with inflation, then every single employee is taking a pay cut almost every single year. Meanwhile, politicians and management give themselves big raises and more benefits every year. HYPOCRITES!!!!

  6. Politicians vote for their raises but do not want to allow the raise on federal servants. For them, they raise theirs slowly since they raise it every year, without the public noticing. They should pay well those who help them implement their mandates

  7. The government has been paltry with their pay increases for over a decade. .25/.5% a year? No wonder the union wants more now. They have been patient for long enough. And to reference the opposition in a ‘negotiation’ as ‘kicking and screaming’ not once but twice, shows the respect level for those working for the government. Meanwhile, you can GUARANTEE she got her raise!

  8. Just over 3 weeks ago, Mona snagged another 7% ANNUAL wage increase. Every April 1st (no joke) she and every Backbencher, MP and Senator, plus the PM approve their own salary increases. No negotiations, conversations or revelations. PSAC’s plea of 4.5 % is reasonable.

    1. Inflation is caused by a hot job market and raise in salary in the private sector.
      Inflation is high with no wage increases for PSAC for three years.

      If you want lower inflation ask your employeer for a lower wage in the private sector and stop hiring employees.
      If you cut inflation that way PSAC wouldnt need a wage hike.

  9. No matter how bad the federal government is which is not new. Since the beginning of COVID 19 the government has dropped the ball many times but under what all citizens have been going through I believe that it’s time for a new government and get the country back on track. But I would stop all spending and tax hikes until a new government gets elected.

  10. Scary that one year and 3 weeks later, any hope that the Govt is going to start being accountable and timely. Why is every scenario ‘too little, too late’ to address Cdns trust in meeting public service needs?

  11. i like the ‘competitive’ term….for it simply means, the bare minimum. they use it throughout all sectors in that nation. it sounds fair, but it is very void of specifics…so they can then use it to provide whatever they deem as is necessary but not really helpful to finding meaningful solutions to problems.

  12. Remember the Phoenix Fiasco? The MPs were still given a bonus and kept their jobs. The PSAC had to remind PM Trudeau that his workers are still working but not paid. PSAC should get all members to vote him out.

  13. She has no idea where she’s going, where she came from or where she is at this very moment. Wow… getting a genuine clear answer out of her is like trying to pull apart a cold grilled cheese sandwich.

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