Former gun industry executive: I saw with ‘my own eyes’ how NRA ‘radicalized’ gun debate

Ryan Busse, a former gun industry executive, joins CNN's Jim Acosta to discuss what he believes to be some of the causes of the state of the gun rights and regulations debate in the country. #CNN #News


  1. Normal responsible gun owners dont oppose safety and regulation. We also dont take xmas pics with our tools.

    1. Change is always possible. At some point there was in every other country the will to change gun laws for a better society.

  2. in the philippines, when you go to a mall, you see guards at the entrance with assault rifles. the stores inside the mall have their own security guards with assault rifles.. schools have security guards with guns. guns everywhere but no mass shootings.. no school shootings

    1. Life living in fear or constantly seeing armed guards? Sounds ideal. Gone are the days of being a carefree child and innocent just going to school or hanging at the mall. Wonder how this happened? 🤨

    2. ​@Jason Drummond extra judicial killings are warranted to deal with hard core criminals, no question asked, no answer needed. If this is practiced in the US, blue cities will be lot safer, you can stroll at times square at 2am without problem

    1. Who has a bigger net worth than the NRA?
      A.) Carrot Top
      B.) Nancy Pelosi
      C.) Justin Bieber
      D.) All of the above

    2. @dave mitchell You’re right, it doesn’t make any sense to try and make sense when communicating on YT, does it?

  3. There is an old saying, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. This goes all the way back to Cain and Able.

    1. I don’t believe that Cain and Able possessed firearms, assuming that they existed at any time in history.

  4. I was shocked to see this danger on the American people😢😢. I hope the American people get better. And these things should never happen again. We all need peace, protection of human rights and non-discrimination.
    I Love American 🇺🇸 ❤.
    Thank You CNN news ❤

  5. We have higher responsibility levels for actors with props than we do untrained civilians and real guns.

  6. Thank you!! Rights don’t out rank responsible, perfected reactions, and use of these overpowered guns!

    If you hate kids, your neighbors, people in general — MOVE!

  7. Why continue to battle over the control of actual “guns” when the real killer is the bullet. A gun without ammo is just a wall hanger so why not regulate the sale and purchase of ammo which would add a pragmatic, measurable layer to the activity of using guns and help identify those who already own weapons (i.e. AR15’s) Those wanting to purchase ammo would need to register and pass a background check before an Ammo Purchase Authorization Card (APAC) is issued. Ammo would be sold at separately located, licensed dispensaries similar to what’s instituted for cannabis sales. The step to acquire an APAC would not infringe on anyone’s 2nd Amendment rights, however would create exposure and enough of a hurdle to initiate a pause for those with nefarious intent.

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