PSAC strike update | Talks between union and Ottawa have broken down

Rachel Aiello breaks down the latest on the PSAC strike where talks between the union and the federal government have ground to a halt.

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    1. Yes, because being able to afford food and housing to not die of starvation and homelessness is considered selfish. I guess breathing oxygen is a privilege now?

  1. Workers deserve to afford rent and groceries. Tax the rich and pay workers fair wages.

    Or maybe regulate the cost of food and housing which are human rights?

  2. Within a few decades just about everyone will have to work for the government, so if they don’t pay you what you want, you can’t just twist the government rubber arm and expect anything other then a slap in the face. The problem with large unions is not all 150,000 workers do the same job. Some work from home, some workers do physical labour, some workers are self managing and have huge responsiblities. The unions do not properly represent the members and are more concerned about self preservation.

    1. The govt is indirectly responsible for 90% of all jobs. If your not one of the lucky ones your life is suffering

  3. With regards to tax filing, could’ve been started 2 months ago, so there shouldn’t be an issue with not extending the deadline that’s been known every single year

  4. From my interactions with public servants; they are unskilled at what they do and are overpaid as it is and a golden pension to boot, they don’t deserve anything more than 5% over three years

    1. Your anecdotal interactions (or anyone’s) aren’t enough to adequately paint a picture of the entirety of federal/provincial/municipal public servants

    2. @Garry Bertier thankfully I’m my own boss and don’t need to. I actually put in the hard work to get to where I am today ..never once did I act like a victim

    1. @Jenny Herring yep.. at 51k a year they need to do a 35 year career to actually retire some what comfortable.

  5. 🇨🇦👍❤I would also like to thank Jagmeet Singh for supporting PSAC Workers and for speaking out against back-to-work legislation. Jagmeet understands workers are struggling because of inflation!

  6. Oh no federal services are going to be disrupted. Curious to see how much slower they could possibly get from the normal.

    1. I’ve been waiting 8 weeks for a 17,000 refund. I am thoroughly upset. Unemployed all winter, taxes are my saving grace come spring. This is seriously hurting me.

    2. 8 months to get a passport, 4 hours on hold with the government staff….. and then the phone magically disconnects 2 minutes in the conversation

  7. I’m a tax paying citizen and I don’t agree that my tax dollar be spent on their outrageous demands. They want to work from home and also want a raise. It’s not like they’re being paid unfairly right now. An average CRA employee makes $26/hour.

    1. ​@Lucas Marinobecause they don’t do anything and they want more money to do a worse job, that’s why. I say fire them all.

    2. If the gov can donate BILLION of $$$$$ to UKRAINE ,why can the gov raise the wages ??? How much it cost the food now ???

    3. ​@Lucas Marino They do not make minimum wage. They make more than you would if you worked for most private companies and their benefits are better than the public sector.

    4. @Jacob R Stop saying the “government needs to pay them”, it’s all our money. If they want a raise, they are asking taxpayers to pay. The government is just an intermediary of our money to them and to all the other public services. If they can go on strike, can we as taxpayer go on strike and not pay our taxes too? No.

      Many Canadians don’t even make $21/hr and they are still getting by.

  8. company should give insurance and security to the employees that work from home. how that is defined should lead up to more jobs and spending through government and help the insurance companies fund the increase of natural disaster payouts.

    1. What you meant by the gov can’t give ???? They can gived BILLION to UKRAINE ,which we have nothing to do .and look at the cost of everything .

  9. Regarding how slow and irresponsible they are to process visitor visa and pr card, I don’t think they deserve a wage increase.

  10. It’s funny how much Canadians support union workers, yet acknowledge that union government workers are slow and incompetent. My friend co-oped with the CRA and he did 7 files in half the day, then got called in and was told he can only do 4 a day or he makes the other workers look bad.

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