Poilievre tries to sing Sinatra classic while questioning Trudeau over NYC trip

Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre tried to belt out a Frank Sinatra classic while questioning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on an upcoming trip.Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos:

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    1. @Not_really_here Who? Trudeau Blackface? 😂😂😂He already beat Harper’s record like 8 years ago in November 2015. Now he’s passed the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

  1. He’s having a lot of fun. And it’s just so easy to criticize this clown of a PM. I really don’t get how he wins this election

    1. @RelaxGood What authorities do you mean? Like those of his friends and relatives he named to investigate him?

    1. ​@nvan78JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent…

  2. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Thank you Pierre for keeping it light sometimes, despite the Liberal darkness.

    1. ​@vikfee1645 Our Healthcare sucks!!! I have friends paying for cancer treatments in the states because our health care is slow and terrible.

    2. He’s making a mockery of you. And you’re thanking him. That’s the sign of a true politician. 👌

  3. Trans Mountain turned out to be a $30 billion boondoggle and now there is a $13 billion VW boondoggle.

    1. Blame the contractors for that and the oil companies that previously were involved. They have all clearly messed up bad. The contractors have escalated costs far higher than they should have been and clearly the Oil companies’ procurements teams selected bad vendors. How is this the government’s fault? Clearly shows how mismanaged our energy companies are.

    1. ​@@PinkestPink🦩 joining the rcmp is for underachievers. It was once a great and well respected Canadian institution . Respected by Canadians and the world.. with trudeau at the helm it has disintegrated right before our eyes.

    2. you got that right – “sunny ways” is long past (besides that it was a pose at best to begin with)

  4. Is there a way to nominate Justin to Guinness for world record of most words ever to answer a question that requires one word? Is that a category?

    1. I think the psychiatrists watching are a bit disturbed by little pp’s behaviour in Parliament.

  5. “Right” and “honourable” should never be used in the same sentence as Trudeau… more like wrong and dishonourable among other negative descriptors

  6. Speaker of the House asked to be quiet to hear JT’s answer… um, he would have to actually answer the question for that to be the case.

  7. Better rendition than the offkey caterwauling of Trudeau in London when we paid 6k a night for his hotel

    1. LOL singing in Parliament and breaking the rules? Sure. Extremely unprofessional. He should have been tossed out for the day. Its an insult to Canadian taxpayers.

  8. Start spreading the news ! Lots of things are not allowed speaker but nothing gets done about it !

  9. I wish the Speaker of the House would force politicians to directly answer the questions that are asked of them 🤡

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