PSU has denounced a Boycott call by labour minister

Dominica’s Public Service Union (PSU) has denounced a call by the country’s labour minister to boycott a business enterprise whose owner is at odds with the Roosevelt Skerrit administration.

PSU General Secretary Thomas Letang told state-owned radio DBS that public officers do not support the boycott call against O D Brisbane and Sons.

Labour Minister Charles Savarin said in a radio programme of the governing Dominica Labour Party (DLP) that letters written by the firm’s owner Jerry Brisbane to friendly governments and institutions asking them to withdraw assistance to Dominica are dangerous.

Mr Savarin’s call for a boycott has been dismissed by PSU’s Thomas Letang as a move that is not in Dominica’s interest.

The trade union leader said he was concerned that the move could impact on workers at the company.

The small Dominica Freedom Party which Mr Savarin once headed has not only rejected the boycott suggestion but also called for the dismissal of the labour minister.

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  1. Jerry Brisbane
    Jerry said that if he do not get a public apology from the PM Sherrit’s
    team who accused him of writing to dona-agencies not to give Dominica
    any aid, he is going to ask the courts to order them to make that public
    apology and that he is not asking for monitory compensation just the
    apology but I beg to differ after a said to an old friend I’m like a
    Jerry, I would have done the same as Jerry because I can take a lot but
    there comes the time to stand and fight.

    Jerry Brisbane must ask for a big, very big sum of money from the courts
    and put that money into charity for Dominicans who stand up to bad
    governments to help in any lawsuit which government bring against a
    person or persons just because he or her exposed any government for
    wrong doings.

    This charity will now be opened for contributions from all patriotic
    citizens of Dominica who wants to see good and accountable government.

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