Public outrage after Loblaw CEO Galen Weston gets a $4M raise | CTV National News

There's public outrage as Loblaw CEO Galen Weston’s compensation spiked from $5.4M to $8.4M after consultants hired by Loblaw said he wasn’t making enough.

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  1. Isn’t this the same dude whom price fixed bread with his cronies for 15 YEARS? Why yes yes it is!

  2. You have to hand it to him. In the last 4 months bread went from $2 to $3.50. Large peanut butter was $10, now its $13. Can of soup was $2, shrunk by 30% and the price still went up to $3.75. That is quality work. No other CEO could have increased prices that fast in that short of time. He deserves to be compensated accordingly.

    1. But that’s happening everywhere in the world tho. Tell me one country that is safe from food inflation? Every grocery store increasing prices or decreasing quantity

    2. They raise the price or we starve. The real problem is sending money to foreign entities fighting unnecessary wars

  3. He doesn’t need it. He’s already worth a few billion. I just don’t understand why the extremely rich keep needing all that money. It’s not like you can spend it or take it with you after you die

    1. @Karl Yang I support Galen running over his hater’s broke world. I hope he keeps raising prices until every single hater issues a tearful apology in public.

  4. What risks CEOs carry, you mean like employees don’t carry any risks like if you do poorly you get fired and then hard to find another job?

  5. Under any other economic condition, a raise like this might not be so scrutinized by the public BUT, currently this is just bad publicity. Weston, take your $4M raise and “stuff it where the sun don’t shine”.

  6. For those of you that don’t remember, he had to testify in front of committee and he said that they didn’t increase the food prices.

  7. But it’s OK for Bank CEO s to receive 10 to 15 million dollar compensation per year with some getting year over year compensation increases over 10% ( well in excess of current inflation rates) while customers are charged monthly customer service charges and no interest in savings accounts while their money is at risk of new bail in legislation. Let’s face it…the middle class in Canada is getting totally skewed in Justin Trudeau s Canadian nightmare.

  8. The Great Canadian Superstore is as expensive as a boutique, compared to regular stores, they waste tremendous amounts of money revamping their stores to make them more flashy and change their checkouts all the time. I don’t shop there because it takes so long to check out, especially before self-checkout was a thing. The self checkouts have not decreased prices at all and the savings from getting rid of employees, goes straight into their profit margin. The prices are ridiculous so they routinely use loss-leaders to get you in the door. And we are all sick of seeing his face in ads patting himself on the back for freezing prices on the yellow label crap!

  9. How terrible that he got a raise. Terrible but then again both Trudeau or Jaggy gave back their yearly raises. Shame!

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