These key polling metrics show Trudeau’s voter base is shrinking | TREND LINE

CTV News' Michael Stittle and pollster Nik Nanos break down the latest Power Index from Nanos Research – a combination of key metrics showing the popularity of Canadian political parties.

Nanos says that the voting base for the Liberal Party is getting smaller, which is good news for the Conservative Party and Pierre Poilievre.

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  1. To me the choice is pretty clear. I am a previous liberal voter. But the decisions he has made over the last few years are clearly not in the best interest of Canadians, but rather are more focused on growing the size and control of the government. The fact that they are raising the carbon tax and payroll taxes during a period where canadians are already struggling and preparing for a recession just proves how disconnected the liberals are from everyday canadians.

    1. Do you understand those “payroll taxes” will be paid back to you when you retire? Its really more forced savings by the government but really a tax. Most of the country is reliant on CPP and like it or not contributions need to increase so it’s still there when you retire.

    2. Carbon tax increasing the cost of everything. 80,000 new federal employees. If that doesn’t make you change your vote, this country is finished.

    3. @Liz Liz that’s a ridiculous statement. Completely insane actually.
      If you took the $9000 a year cpp tax and invested through a tfsa into a 3.5% dividend stock from working age until retirement after 45 years you would have a million dollars in equity that would pay out $35,000 a year in dividends. And that’s if in 45 years the stock price never went up and your annual contribution stayed at $9000. In reality if your contributions increased at the same rate that the cpp rates are increasing you’d probably have more like $10,000,000 in the bank and $350k a year in dividends.

      Cpp pays $15,600 a year. It’s nothing short of robbery. There is absolutely no reason why any Canadian should ever be forced to give a single cent to it.

  2. Shrinking …. no one likes this guy what a disaster we are in.. we need election reform why so many seats in Ontario and Quebec

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  4. And it will only get uglier for Trudeau & the NDP the closer we get to election day.

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