Public viewing for Rayshard Brooks held in Atlanta | USA TODAY


    1. @Christian Satine you hope a mourning family sees comments you find negative about the dead? that’s pretty messed up.

    2. @Chance Welsh, you posted those awful words & have the gall to comment that I wrote something “that’s pretty messed”? Do you believe his family & friends are unaware of what has been written on here? I stand by my words. They need to know the truth, regardless of how ugly & hurtful it may be.

    3. @WTF BBQ, I’m sure you’ve found some hysterical ones regarding the death of George Floyd, too. Enjoy yourself. Even better, Mr Brooks’ funeral is streaming live right now. Get some popcorn & have fun.


    Unless of course you’re David Dorn, a newborn baby or a conservative

    1. @Mikel DeHart Father’s Day was so confusing in the hood they just started to shoot everyone including little kids, sorry could not help myself.

    2. @White Krispy of course he doesnt…he represents a party of abortionists and pedophiles

      The LAST THING these godless heathen demonRATS care about are children

  2. When is the public viewing for the 3 YO little boy killed sitting in his car seat in Chicago over the weekend, or the 13 YO little girl shot in her house watching TV also in Chicago this weekend. Where are the celebrities confessing their guilt and vowing change, where are the corporations donating millions ..where is the rage, the anger, the protests and the riots……the silence is deafening.

    1. blm only if its a white person causing harm to people of color! they pardon black on black issues…that lil boy and all them other innocent people deserve way more concern n love! all they want to do is hurt people and do whatever they want..they dont care about ayone of color..just the ones who want to terrorize the world!

    1. @arial flame, you know you made a racist comment. At least have the courage to stand by what you wrote.

    2. Christian Satine wow you guys are hilarious. Not resisting officers doesn’t have an ethnicity. People of all race, creeds, beliefs, and understandings should all know that.
      This is a perfect example:

      I, in no way shape, form, or act condone or support resisting officers yet if they run away empty handed there is no need to fire upon them. Mr. Brooks took that taser and his life into his hands the second he decided not to cooperate. Now speak on how I’m a racist for wanting officers to make it home at the end of the day. 💁

    3. Christian Satine oh yes America home of the brave and the ignorant, can’t even be bothered to watch a 5 minute clip.

  3. I do not care that this criminal is dead. He was not a victim of police brutality. He was a victim of his own stupidity.

    1. @Christian Satine well it looks like we both have our own opinions and you can shoot your mouths off on social media too. Did shooting your mouth off feel as good for you when you did it as it did for me when I did? I truly hope so. Its kind of the point. The difference between us is that I dont believe you need to leave your country because you dont agree with me. I believe its a free country and a free people can say or think whatever they like.

    2. @Vegeta Is Better Than Goku i like Larry Elder. I hadn’t seen that particular video yet thow.

    3. @Golf Nut, a law firm representing Mr Rolfe stated, “he (Mr Rolfe) reacted after he thought he ‘heard a gunshot and saw a flash in front of him.'” Mr Brooks had been patted down for weapons & it was known he had no gun. According to Officer Brosnan’s lawyers, Brosnan administered first aid, not Mr Rolfe.

    4. @Christian Satine Rolfe saw the flash of the taser being fired. You can clearly see it on the Wendy’s surveillance video. You can also see the leads/wires flying from the taser at Rolfe. You can also see the leads arcing on the ground after the taser is fired.

      If Brosnan administered first aid, is it also required that Rolfe assist?

      Neither of these points turns Rolfe into a murderer or relieves the responsibility from Brooks.

    1. @Matt Kelly would be because you you are the ones that put us in the spot light because we have to defend ourselves from you

  4. Btw the DA that put the charges on the officer in this case has been indicted and now investigated for corruption. Uuuufffffff

    1. I’ve always found it odd that those allegedly in charge in Atlanta have always been the most corrupt. Been that way 2 long.

    1. @D Rice as long as you understand what he’s saying , just let it go ,”sentence Nazi”

  5. Isn’t this the dude who was driving drunk, and passed-out in the parking lot of a Wendy’s? Isn’t this the guy who attacked cops, and tried to taser them? NO SYMPATHY.

  6. Why do so many people want to go see a career criminal? Are you going to Hitlers grave next?!!

    1. @Billy Gildark Because it’s about race with you. You feel some type of way because these guys are white if things were vs im sure your opinion would be different. Like the DA said after that second shot the taser was no longer a threat. Your ancestors where criminals. They killed black people for 400+ year. They lived to see a 110. Why did he have to die because he was criminal

    2. You can assume whatever you want to assume. You can be black…you have alot of house N…… also 🤷‍♀️

  7. Why, why, why, why? The man was a convicted child abuser who served time in prison for it. He fought with cops, tried to kill the cops, so they killed him back.

    1. @Christian Satine , DON”T DRINK, that is simple. We create our own problems and them look around to see who to blame . Don’t you think we play too much to be Hypocrite ?

    2. @ThePariss333, you commented on another post that George Floyd’s death was justified. Whatever.

    1. You don’t get it, BLACK LIVES MATTER. Why do you think he was running from the police? He was afraid they were going to kill him and he was right.

    2. @sail1999 Hahahahahahaha god are you stupid! Im glad that child abuser is dead! He got killed for his stupid actions for being black!

  8. So a criminal gets hailed has a good person while the officer gets arrested and potential charged with death

  9. Remember he was criminal he died not because of the color of his skin but because of his actions

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