Pulitzers Honor Darnella Frazier Who Recorded George Floyd Murder

MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the details of Danella Frazier, the young woman who recorded the video of George Floyd's death that altered history, being awarded a 2021 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation.
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  1. And nobody cared when Tony Timpa died in the same way George Floyd did and didn’t even get a trial.

    1. It is not a Pulitzer prize it is a citation from Pulitzer I t is not the same thing read and understand and don’t spread B.S

    1. Car accident.. no. Century old systemic problem allowing abuse of power, brutality, murder, and destruction of constitutional and human rights.. yes.

  2. Lmao she getting a pulitzer for recording a death lmao yeah she put in alot of work ha good job i guess

  3. Psalms 37:12-13[12]The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.[13]The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.

  4. Just an affirmative action version of a participation award. Empty and meaningless as they praise propaganda.

  5. As a immigrant that had nothing to do with slavery that occurred more then 50 years ago… I hope my local government gives my tax payer money to the hood so jaquil can have a nice basketball hoop to play with… oh wait 🤔 I don’t think that makes sense

  6. why she didn’t save him then put the phone down and save the person how hard could that be? so sue her for all the businesses.

    1. You are that person who walks in, in the middle of a problem or crisis, and while knowing nothing, starts spewing stupid BS as if you are somehow YOU are able to see the obvious while others cannot. I have no doubt you have frustrated many around you during your life

    2. @Marlon White while he might have gotten arrested too, and he might not have affected the outcome, it is possible that he could have knocked the officer off of Floid and saved his life. It is something I would have done.

    3. @V V Insulting someone instead of showing why you believe why something is wrong or irrational is a horrible way to go about life.

    4. @Lance Gardenhire Next time you want to try and school a stranger, take a good look at yourself first. First of all this thread is in reference to Darnella Frazier. A SHE not a HE. Also, he name is spelled FloYd. There were people present who tried to assist and were stopped by police with guns in the process of murdering a man. I see you also like to walk in the middle of something, knowing nothing and belief your hold all the wisdom

  7. nothing about Fentanyl? Award goes to Communist China’s fentanyl.

  8. That is why awards , Grammys and whatever awards – are a joke nowadays!
    They don’t have the meaning anymore!

    1. Of course a white racist witch would not understand nor care about the impact her filming of the murder of a black man by police and it’s impact on human beings. May you one day suffer the pain that has overcome the Floyd family and the rest of the human race.

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