How Prosecuting Trump Could Protect The Future Of American Democracy 1

How Prosecuting Trump Could Protect The Future Of American Democracy


A new piece by The Boston Globe editorial board argues the Biden Justice Department must act now to hold Donald Trump accountable for his abuses of power while in office. Abdallah Fayyad, member of The Boston Globe’s editorial board, says prosecution would “restrain future presidents from abusing their power,” and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner says prosecution would show “we will not tolerate a runaway, criminal president.”
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    1. If You Leave Trump Alone, He Will Lose In A 2024 Republican Primary! If They Keep Focusing On Him, He Will Have A Clear Path To Win In 2024!

    2. @malus rex LMFAO!! EDUCATE YOURSELF!! Did you get a stimulus?? Because NOT ONE Republican voted for it!!!! Guess you don’t need it then right?

    3. @Rachel if the options are stimulus or end all lockdown restrictions and allow people to go back to work without threat of arrest/imprisonment, it should be clear that the ladder is the pro-freedom and therefore better option.

    4. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
      “msssssssssss harris”
      slappin’ me around….

    1. Dear gods, protect DEMOCRACY? Democracy is protected by giving US the choice, not stealing it from us. Dear gods.

    2. AG Garland is a constant reminder of McConnell’s treachery and I think he is competent, but he needs to wear a pair of Glenn’s steel toed boots!

    3. @ethics first – please give me one example of Trump “destroying democracy”
      I can give you several with joe Biden alone.
      If you can’t give me an example, you’re brainwashed

    1. @The Omega Man “all that I said has been proven.” You made such a bold claim, therefore the preponderance of evidence rests solely with you. Prove it?

    2. @The Omega Man … Michael Flynn tried to trade nuclear technology for favors with Saudi Arabia while working for Trump.

    3. @The Omega Man – No, Obama never gave weapons to those we were fighting. You are all messed-up on the facts.

  1. @4.20 agreed. Message need be implicated for killers killing deliberately. ” ..will not be tolerated”.
    capital punishment reinstated. public execution of Mikie Pence, wow these cats are crazy enough to bring the ways and means to do so. blatant ain’t it ? who kept the gallows lumber?

  2. Just imagine if Hitler was stopped before he got into power ….. millions of lives would have been saved.

    1. @Fred Garvin wow I heard that Federal Judges, are terrified to grant bail, to all those idiots who have ruined their lives, for Twizzlefuck.

      They deny bail, reasoning that if they are that stupid to act once, they could act again. Especially as Twizzlefuck just can’t keep his pie hole shut, for more the five seconds!

    2. @Michael Reid
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    3. @Michael Reid
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    5. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      …and this mask nicely covers
      the “welts” on my face from
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  3. Keep it Real and Serve Justice and keep it Fair …Lock Don the Con the King of the Sleazy Swindle Up!!!!!….. Proof a Leapard Never Changes its Spots

  4. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

    1. What good men? They’ve done NOTHING to those responsible for the 2020 Summer of Terror that was COMPLETELY ENDORSED by Democratic Party leaders; the violence of which makes Capitol Hill 1/6 look like a high school field trip.

    2. @malus rex meth is bad, you should likely go to rehab.. Might even learn something valuable from it

    3. @magicskyfairy69 people who think government should stay out of our lives when there are things they can do to help, but are totally for government control over a person’s choice, are evil..

  5. I know I’m supposed to be listening to this important news story but all I could think of was this:
    “His head was exactly the shape of an egg, and he always perched it a little on one side… The neatness of his attire was almost incredible; I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound.” — Agatha Christie

  6. ……and that’s why I listen to Kirschner’s legal analyses & why I unequivocally support & defend bona fide journalists & the constitutionally protected free press.

    1. Journalist we don’t have any in this country ,,there all opinion moderators,, CNN/MSNBC, and they have been slinging propaganda and LIES for the last 5 years,,they are in love with Trump,,but I don’t blame them,,he was the best president ever.

    2. @Wayne Allard ‘Best President ever’ . You are referring to that incompetent undignified unpresidential narcissistic corrupt infantile seditious Liar TRUMPY who will go down as one of, if not THE worst President in U.S. history.

  7. I would like to see each congressman and senator be required to renew their oath of office on live national television. One at a time.

    1. @Gregory Edwards some people care,,, maybe you don’t,,but the people who don’t like dishonesty do.

    2. Unfortunately it wouldn’t matter, these politicians are the lowest form of life,,and the Democrats are the lowest there is.. that’s why are country is going down the drain..

    3. How about we just hold the law breakers accountable. Nobody is going to go to Washington to represent you for peanuts.

  8. Bottom line if you new leaders don’t get some balls and put an end to the mess created by Trump and his administration then your no different than they are , yourselves are more important than the citizens and our constitution of this great country. Don’t blow it.

  9. When it comes to awarding an old guy a purple heart, we don’t just say oh well that was in the past Let It Go.

    1. Them why so willing to let go of the FACT that Leftard Party leaders encouraged their house slave constituents to go into black communities to riot and destroy black owned businesses? Hypocrisy TRULY is the calling card of the Democratic Party.

  10. Stated on pg# 950 of Volume 5 of the bipartisan Mueller Report:

    “These and other revelations in the report suffice to establish that Donald Trump poses a counterintelligence threat to the United States…”

  11. It seems like it’s hard for us to get our heads around the fact that this is actually perilous times for the very survival of our republic.Time for action. If not now, when??? The clock is ticking, with or without us.

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