We Can’t Begin To Know The Scope Of Trump DOJ Investigations Says Rep. Himes

Rep. Jim Himes joins Ali Velshi to discuss reports of the Trump Justice Department’s “efforts to go after the president’s political opponents.”
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    1. Orwell also wrote about a society in which citizens are expected to believe 2+2=5
      and repeat it without hesitation.
      Aka “fake news”

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 suggest you listen to the Aldous Huxley audiobook titled “brave New world.” it’s more orwellian than Orwell himself and is on audiobook and even my playlist by the same name.

  1. Such popcorn time watching traitor 45 on his way to prison and the end of the republican party….Good times..

    1. I can’t wait to find out what Russia gave Devin Nunes before the 2020 election, that he refused to share with congress, going to need a whole new Gitmo for all these traitprs

    1. @N 827 Why would you write that? Are you one of those people who think it’s funny to be contrary and make stupid comments, or are you defending those despicable and corrupt people in the prior administration? Either way, it is not a good look.

  2. Impossible as it may seem, with Дурак Дон, the ex-Mob-Boss-in-Chief, the truth is always infinitely worse than what is reported.

    1. @Polar Opposite Ya and Santa Claus visits once a year, right? So now they are offering up yet another excuse and you bought it hook line and sinker. You gullibles are going to be the death of US all.

    2. @Sean Patrick These far right posts are usually from some new account because youtube purges obvious troll accounts every three months. The foreign propagandist count on a certain group of people to not be educated enough to spot a lie, not check the source, or fact check the statement.

    3. @Sean Patrick I agree! I’ve seen the video multiple times. Barr’s goons (weren’t some of them from the Texas prisons system?) were also attacking the press. I saw a tv cameraman as far out of the way as possible, crouching on the sidewalk, battered by one of the goons carrying a round shield! Looks like the camera was broken. I saw another group (two or three) reporters, for an Australian news group, also attacked, also on the sidewalk!

    4. @srgreeniii
      They also hack and take over accounts that have been without activity for several years.

    5. @Polar Opposite It’s actually the polar opposite of what you say. Silly troll… facts are for Libs.

  3. just had a thought if tRump started doing this so early in his administration, whos else thinks he got dirt on republicans doing this?

    1. @Geee H see that the majority of older people don’t get older & then the young are normally easier to influence.
      Nursing home and assisted living anyone.

    2. @Tristan Bennett wrong conversation to get into foreign troll 🧟. Go say hi to the wild birds in Gorky Park 😜

    3. @Doug Ohaver you’re funny. American sticks their nose into literally everyone’s business all the time. Why don’t you take your own advice and quit trolling the world with your lies?

    4. @Doug Ohaver I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he is. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, imagine how he could have turned that into a positive thing for everyone else who’s dyslexic, particularly young kids? “Hey guys, don’t give up on yourselves. Yes, it’s tough, but I was able to become “president” You can be what ever you want to be…………. blah blah blah.

      Unfortunately Trump would never even CONSIDER helping others, unless he could profit from it in some way. He is also way too insecure about any perceived weaknesses, and would NEVER admit to them. He’s an all around heinous human being.

    5. @dublinjazz1 you expect me to give you a decent answer while I’m binging The Supremes 🙄. Dream On 😂😂

  4. I’m pretty sure the GOP would rather continue working on the Dr. Suess scandal.

    1. @Roger Stritmatter you have to give them credit though for following the Sgt.
      Schultz School of logic from Hogan’s heroes.
      I know Nothing!!
      I see Nothing!!!

  5. If he did this, what did give or say too Putin and others? There is nothing sacred too this man !

    1. We have had a dictator under every republican administration, just less obvious under others than trump.

    2. The Justice Department and the FBI are sure to let Trump off the hook and reinstall him as dictator again

  6. How many times will America’s judicial system fail to hold trump and his sycophants accountable?

    1. The fact that wasn’t done AS SOON as the administration came in! Shows how they are playing games with all of this foolery from trump and his participants… Biden and co better get upon it! And cut all this kumbiya out!! Or it is going to blow up in their face and America’s face!

    2. @Nancy Ross apparently not!. There’s still employees at the DOJ that were participants in the shenanigans with trump and Barr with bugging reporters, family and even their children!

    3. @Michel’le J I know. Time to start making sure they can no longer commit their nefarious deeds by giving them the pink slip.

  7. With all of that and Putin’s help and the republicans trying to overturn the results in the end they couldn’t win it or steal it.

  8. I remember when John Ashcroft quit the bush2 administration. The reason was far less sinister than this. Even though I did not agree with him most of the time. He was an American that believed in the constitution.

  9. It looks to me that they were getting records for one person and seeing the numbers got the records for them. I suspect that is how the miner’s records were obtained.

  10. We need to know WHO in the DOJ went along with this!
    Name, Shame – EXPOSE the CORRUPTION!

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