Purdue President Reacts To Ruling to Uphold Nearby Vaccine Mandate 1

Purdue President Reacts To Ruling to Uphold Nearby Vaccine Mandate

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels, who is not requiring students to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 when they return to campus in the fall, reacts to the breaking news that a federal judge has ruled to uphold nearby Indiana University's vaccine mandate. He defends his decision and tells Chris Jansing that it's "practical" and that "there would be very big enforcement problems" with a mandate.

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Purdue President Reacts To Ruling to Uphold Nearby Vaccine Mandate


  1. “The kids of this age group are not at risk” says an old guy who has no medical background whatsoever meanwhile kids of that age group are getting covid and dying.

    1. @Shawn Corbin Masks don’t work? I’d love to see your evidence supporting that. However, common sense is an easy clarifier…if I have covid and wear a mask, given that it is spread by respiratory droplets (ones breath) and that said droplets are blocked by the mask, they therefore stop covid transmission. Further, if I wear a mask, I am blocked from breathing other peoples droplets and hence transmission is stopped. In this context how do masks not work?

    2. @Shaun Sandow I understand all that, but haven’t you seen video of people wearing masks in the cold and all of that steamy breath escapes? Water droplets? Go to the Stanford Medical website to confirm what I said. It’s all there. Back in 1917, medical journals said that masks were ineffective after the fact. 104 years ago, the medical community didn’t have an agenda like the one today. That’s my point. Besides, unless you’re fitted with an N-95 daily by a surgical tech, you’re still not achieving efficacy with even an N-95. Further use beyond 8 hours causes pathogens and fungi to congregate in the mesh. N-95 mesh= 5 microns, Viruses are .01-.03 microns respectively.. it’s like installing chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes. Be honest.

    1. @Shawn Corbin
      Awe khabrahov pederast Pushkin
      You’ve been watching too much of queen vladz RT Cartoon Network little princess

    2. @Shawn Corbin
      I didn’t ask for you troll farm resume agrapov
      But as usual?
      You only know submission

    3. @Redjam Redjam I didn’t ask for your demented psychbobabble either to engage with, you volunteered. C ya.

    4. It’s just a Narrative AS SHE THROWS HER PEN DOWN IN DISGUST that Americans aren’t listing to there Anymore. NOT TRUST IN MEDIA OR LIBERAL SCIENCE

    1. @Romeo more than zero, which is too many. Besides, you do want to be the one who has to tell those families that thier children had to die because you don’t want a vaccine?

  2. Indiana is the East Texas of the north. Talking sense wastes time. Good questioning on how Covid immunization differs from Diptheria, Mumps and, Smallpox. Weasel words followed.

    1. I know all about it I’ve watched lots of programs and listen to different scientists… It’s very much so unproven….

  3. Hurrah for the court! Judges are more courageous & logical than politicians, including this president.
    It’s not fair for unvaccinated to put doctors & nurses through the emergency care

  4. Another Republican over looking data that is being reported everyday. Personal responsibility at the expense of the health of others.

  5. Colleges have excelled at implementing many requirements. I’m guessing this isn’t a choice rationale but a financial one.

  6. This guy from Purdue is a salesman, politician, and recruiter getting the outcasts from other schools to attend his school. There’s nothing more to it. ‘We wanna take every step available to ensure safety yada yada yada’……….horse hockey!!!!!

  7. Purdue University needs a smarter President. Geez. Is he not aware that unvaccinated and vaccinated people can spread COVID-19 to those who will be at higher risk?!?

  8. So he thinks contact tracing and isolation is more practical then checking vaccination records? How? Come on now!

  9. He wears a shirt that says “Perdue for Life” — not requiring the vaccine is inviting death.

  10. I guess Perdue doesn’t have a medical school, or offer a microbiology major. It’s revolting that such an ignorant person is in the field of education.

    1. It’s mostly industrial engineering. Indiana is diehard Republican (except for its capitol, of course). So, doors swing for the elites, like governors, or vice presidents. They’re not considered elites, as I do, because politics is practically taboo in Indiana.

  11. No wonder america is so far down the education league tables with sickness like that in charge of the “universities”

  12. He calls that a practical decision. Yeah, right . So is allowing chemical dumps in the land, water and air.

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