1. There is nothing wrong in fighting evil with evil. Islam is pure evil. Muhammed is pure evil. Quran is pure evil. Wipe out evil, fascist, rape, death, war, hate cult of Islam. Congratulations China.

    1. Do you have the guts to boycott Saudi product which is the most fascist, evil regime in the history of mankind, following the most evil ideology of Islam? Can you live without petrol?

    2. @Cincinnati Reds No. It’s all about Muslims, bad Muslims who refused to accept Chinese leadership to be exact. China have Uighurs serving in the CPC like Arken Imirbaki. Most Muslims in Xinjiang have separatist ideologies who wants their own culture and don’t want to integrate with China.

    3. No. Support China in their semi-civilized efforts to curb Islamic Terrorism.
      They are doing the right thing for the safety of themselves and the world (in this case).

    1. @Saint Peter and Eve fucked her son … Perhaps that’s why the right backs a degenerate that lusts after his own daughter

  1. The lack of empathy of many of the comments here is apalling! I’m an atheist and I’m shocked with what is going on in China. The persecution of millions of people, denying them their rights, human rights! I cannot accept this!

  2. Tired of Chinese here in NZ (having made their escape),,, then living here and backing the Chinese state…

    1. Michael H
      Micheal, your BS about NZ being racist fucks me off.
      We welcome people from all over the world, some chose to setup businesses in their new country and chose to only employ “their own people”.. to only have “their own language” on their company signs, yet we always allow it & generally don’t say a word against it.. but fkers like you highlight the culture of some immigrants to just be racist against their new nation… plenty aren’t n just get on..
      If the Chinese government is so great & not corrupt….🤔

    2. Michael H
      So you didn’t even check where/ what I was talking about and you assume.
      I get my information from talking with immigrants.. my wife is an immigrant (we all fn are immigrants .., even if your family lived in North America or China for 20,000 years.. we all come from some where else). My life is full of new immigrants, most are happy to be in NZ, most miss their homelands and families… but it’s mostly only the yanks🇺🇸🍆 and the real “chip on the shoulder” Chinese that won’t hear the truth about some of the BS that their totalitarian systems generate… RED (& white n blue) all the way!!!!! Yet refuse to live with/ in said systems…
      Glad to hear ya home there Michael… try smelling the coffee, or go to north western China n find these graves… report back👍

    3. @Tiger Tiger New Zealand is part of Five Eyes. The same organization that spies on the entire world and kills people based on metadata. NZ is complicit in all of this. NZ follows the USA like a lost puppy. Any anti-Chinese story that the US propagates, NZ will too. Your country spreads so much fake news about China, I suggest you get a passport and travel more often. NZ has a population of 5 million. A single city in China is already richer than all of NZ. The fact that your country is developed and prosperous is not some great achievement.

    4. @Tiger Tiger Only Western allies believe the anti-China stories in Xinjiang. All other countries are either neutral or they support China. Not a single Muslim country supports the Western narrative. The majority of Muslim countries support China’s use of education over bombs. Imagine being dumb enough to believe the West cares about Muslims when they’re the ones guilty of bombing Muslims for decades. There are vloggers in Western China and plenty of people have traveled to Xinjiang. They’ve found absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing. The claims made by US backed organizations have not presented any evidence. The degree of evidence is the same as the evidence of “Iraq and WMDs”. You have pictures of buildings and testimony from US backed witnesses. The number of 1 million muslims in concentration camps come from an interview of 8 people. The claim of organ harvesting comes from China tribunal who just got banned on Facebook for spreading pro-Trump propaganda and anti-China propaganda using AI. China tribunal is funded by Falun Gong, a cult, that is against homosexuality, race-mixing, and believes all tech comes from aliens. This is the level of “evidence” you have against China. I suggest you wake up and smell the coffee.

    5. Michael H
      Tell me Michael, why should people in one country (4 million) be happy n joyful to gave up their possible jobs, children’s place @ a university, join queues that are twice the length that they’d be without immigrants (esp those piling out of a billion nation) until said immigrants have spend 10/20 yrs paying taxes to build the bigger hospital etc.. why..
      Because the most beautiful people in China are more than willing to have their nation hit with the fallout of being flooded with the people from a 1 trillion nation.. and all the overcrowded current infrastructure that China would get from that..🤔
      Michael we immigrants need to think about and remember the fallout that we have on the cultures and nations tgat we more to.., for me esp in NZ to remember that the Maori people are sharing their place with us… (having stolen from them) respect is due to them first before us fn immigrants.
      By the way, no one was being racist or even fn culturalist, i will say again that I’m tired of hear Chinese (& yanks) speck so highly of their government…esp those that “escape” and won’t go back ,, but don’t want to be “bad Chinese “ and speak truth to power.

    1. Yet it is your government that has been invading everybody and dropping bombs everyday for the last 20 years. Sit down.

  3. So this is why the people of Hong Kong are protesting for freedom and independence and don’t trust, don’t want to be part communist China

  4. They continue exhuming graves in Egypt, but are quick to condemn similar behaviors of others’! What a bunch of despicable, evil creatures of nature!

  5. May the spirits of their ancestors wreak havoc, terror and misery on those responsible for these inhumain tragedies….

  6. Oh wow this is devastating, I’m so sorry to all the families that have had their loved ones remains desecrated in such a disgusting way. My heart goes out to every family effected.

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