Putin chuckles, deflects when asked about Navalny 1

Putin chuckles, deflects when asked about Navalny


Russian President Vladimir Putin responds to a question about Alexei Navalny and opposition groups inside Russia.

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  1. Navalny was arrested & charged with fraud of over 4 million$$. RT investigated, free Jullian Assange

    1. Russian government is all of a sudden concerned about corruption and the theft of a measly 4 MILLION???? Lol

      In 2012, Navalny and his brother Oleg were accused of overcharging Yves Rocher Vostok, a subsidiary of the French cosmetics company, for services with their transport company Glavpodpiska.
      Prior to the sentencing Yves Rocher admitted that it had suffered “no damage”.

      But a Russian court in December 2014 nonetheless handed the brothers sentences of three years and six months apiece. While Navalny’s sentence was suspended, Oleg served his time behind bars.

      Navalny and his allies believe the case was a ploy by the authorities to put pressure on him and his family for his political activities.

      As part of his suspended sentence, Navalny was expected to show up for checks with Russia’s prison service (FSIN) twice a month up until December 30, 2020.

      But the prison service accused Navalny, who spent five months recovering in Germany from an August poisoning attack until returning to Russia last month, of skipping out on those appointments.

      Russia’s best known domestic critic may now have to serve the sentence behind bars partially or in full.

      Navalny accuses President Vladimir Putin of ordering the country’s security agency Federal Security Service (FSB) to carry out the attack on him with the Novichok nerve agent, a claim the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.


  2. I speak Russian, Putin’s response to that journalist was “sorry to hear about your suicide tomorrow”

    1. @Kateryna Rusakova Julian Assange is of more important Who’s holding him The hypocrisy of the question Nevaldy is a CIA asset like Guido

    1. @Langton Industries My vote goes to Yeltsin and Gorbachev. Sold out their homeland for peanuts.

  3. He laughed at the layout of the question. Guy didn’t need an answer to the question.

    Headline is funny as usual

  4. Navalny shouldn’t be in prison.
    Someone who fantasises about shooting immigrants with a pistol should be in a hospital.

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