Putin gave a defiant Victory Day speech. Here is the striking difference from previous years

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Ukraine has become "hostage" to a regime led by "Western masters" during his Victory Day speech in Moscow's Red Square. #CNN #News


    1. ​@Zhao Wei
      The coolest thing about the midget soldiers is that they make everything else look bigger by comparison. Russia could say that those are normal sized people and GIANT tanks.

  1. Ironic isn’t it .. that the most disastrous wars of aggression in a long time .and that he is losing it so badly ..Victory is getting further away every day.. they won’t have one next year

    1. You mean the trillion dollar and 20 year war in Afghanistan. The U.S. taking another of many losses 🤡👌🏽🤣🤣🤣

    2. ​@TheGoldenEagle03 That’s an odd gloat. Just a reminder the US is still here whilst the USSR fell apart after only half as much time (10 years) in Afghanistan.

    3. @Rafael Lyon The withdrawal was chaotic and badly planned but the US had already killed the Al Qaeda operatives they were after and signed a peace deal with the Taliban. The US got what it came for. The Afghan army ran away from the Taliban.

  2. Sergei: Ivan do you want to go to the victory parade this year.

    Ivan: No “tanks”

    1. I will supply 1 tank for the parade as the rest are scattered over the lands with them mostly inoperable as ukraine weapons are precise

    1. Lukashenko’s facial expression on Russia’s performance is the same as Uncle Rodger’s expression on Jamie Oliver’s fried rice. I bet Xi Jinping have the same expression.

  3. “He wants a peaceful future”

    Well that’s kind of hard to sell at this point mister Vlad.

  4. Putin has a lot of perfectly good cannon fodder going to waste by having it march in a silly parade.

  5. these kinds of parades really highlight phrases like, “digging your own grave.” easy to do with such a short leader.

    1. @megamaget standing behind him I would too try to avoid that nasty old man draft when he lets one rip !!!

  6. Thats just sad. He deserves everything thats happening as do the Russian people for listening to his lies.

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