Video shows chaotic and dramatic arrest of ousted Pakistani PM

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested by paramilitary troops who smashed their way into a courthouse in the country’s capital Islamabad to detain him on multiple corruption charges. #CNN #News


    1. There Democracy lol
      It was Pakistani ISI and Army that made him the PM now they are the one removing them

  1. Imran khan must be a good guy. Or this wouldn’t be happening.
    He was a excellent cricket player, definitely in the top 3 all rounders of all time in my opinion. I wish him well.

    1. He is a great guy. During his time as the Prime Minister, Pakistan started improving very well, hospitals being built, and homeless shelters, the poor being taken care of. But the moment he was replaced, a flood came, the value of the Pakistani rupee came crashing down, and now when he tried to make a stand against the corrupt military and government, he got attacked and arrrested, just like many other of his supporters and party.

  2. This man’s only fault is that he wanted to do something good for his country and his people! And that’s what happens when you try to do that…

    1. When he was arresting people for NAB cases before the case was over and they were convicted was okay?

    2. Allah Pak Nawaz Family Aur in Tamam Ghatya Insano KO nisabt O nobod Kar de Ameen in-sha-Allah

    3. @Haider Imran he could have dissolved the monstrosity called NAB, he chose to blatantly use it against his opponents, and that snake has come back to bite him and you know it.

    1. Allah help those people who always help people and think better people and Allah is enough for Imran Khan…………💯❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

    2. @JaiSriRam agr ap ki anky iss honest insaan ko nhi Dak sakti to you are bad luck …🤷

  3. Imran Khan will be released safely Insha’ALLAH. We won’t let him be there in their hands.

    Nasraminallah Wa-Fath-ul-Qareeb

    1. Everything depends on the army. Many have come and many have gone, but the army has been the only constant in the political landscape of Pakistan

    2. It is time when every Pakistani should be on the road in support of Imran. Leave everything and just head for the roads. The time has come when the corrupt military should be taught a lesson and their control over the country is removed forever.

  4. Imran khan the best leader,even nobody knows recent prime minister of Pakistan and the whole world knows imran khan.What an influential person.Long live imran khan❤❤❤

  5. Feeling so sad for what’s happening in Pakistan 😢
    If a country has such a military then…..
    I don’t know what to say…
    💜💜He is a very dignified personality 💜💜

    1. @Itachi be quiet he is Pakistani ok and you don’t now how that fells if you would be there you will fell the same way

    2. Bhailog pak gov pakistan ko nehi chalata, pak army pakistan ko chalata hain… keep support pak army

  6. His last words before leaving for ISB court:
    “If we have to live our lives beneath these criminals, crooks & duffers who have been imposed on us then I pray may Allah SWT calls me to him (Allah SWT)”

    1. Ooh almighty Allah please accept Imran Khan Dua… uthaa lay is manhoos… takay humari jaan chootay

  7. The corrupt government is afraid of Imran’s popularity. Allah is with the righteous.

  8. The best prime minister and leader in the history of Pakistan. I love imran khan very much ,from iran🇮🇷🌹♥️🇵🇰
    He is an excellent prime minister and a complete and true leader. This way of treating his is shameful.
    I hope one day we will see imran khan again in the office of prime minister.
    Iranian love pakistani brother and sister so much🇮🇷🇮🇷♥️♥️🌹🌹🇵🇰🇵🇰

  9. The one convicted by the Suprme Court of Pakistan and who was imprisoned manage to leave the jail with the excuse of sickness and treatment in London – Nawaz Sharif, ex Crime Minister, while the one who stood against the corrupt mafia of Pakistani politicians was arrested for establishing a trust to build and run a university. Words cannot define, their SHAMELESSNESS…

  10. Our love and support with Imran Khan and Also those Anchors and YouTuber who spreading the truth and exposing this Corrupt and Mafia and System… May Allah Protect them and Give reward for his loyalt

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