1. The pandemic combined with the mass shootings have changed my attitude about public interaction for the rest of my life.

  2. I’m old enough to remember when CNN altered Joe Rogans skin color to make him look sicker than he was.
    Trust you? Sure lol

  3. Wealth doesn’t by health BUT IT SAVES LIVES priveledged so priveledged to say that. Here I am with medicaid barely being able to recieve adequate care because no one will take me because of my insurance! Money Talks! Big time! There are so many procedures and treatments and doctors simply not available to me because they are out of my reach. I am unable to access the care and medical technology I need to to MONETARY LIMITS so this is just such a priveledged line to throw in our faces

    1. Yes working and having decent insurance is definitely an advantage for your health care. I have VA benefits which are not perfect, but much better than Medicaid. Plus, President Biden says all the “migrants” crossing the border deserve health care. I would think that would affect Medicaid.


    1. Masks are still required at clinics and hospitals. It’s not gone, it’s still mutating and spreading.

    2. If a mask works, then how can a friend of mine during deer hurting season wearing under wear, long john, pants and A set of Carharts fart, and I smell it the next tree over in my tree stand? 🤔.

  5. I am alive only between the 2 worlds of the matrix and reality, but separately I am drowning in both… “The Ravedeath Still Hurts – Cult Member”…

  6. Here in Quebec/Canada my husband and I are going on Friday for our 6th free shot and our tests are still free as well.

    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your Children Vaccinated and boosted!!!! don’t walk, please run.

  7. The pandemic ended for me the second nitwits went on live TV and said “we cant use other people’s tennis balls while playing tennis.”
    I knew right then this was being handled by kooks and tv personalities who arent even qualified to mop a floor

    1. it ended for me April ’20 the exact day trudeau said “this will be the new normal until a vaccine is developed”
      right there i knew what was up

  8. ❤ *I felt bad b/c I couldn’t get a vaccine but my grandfather did. When I got Covid he literally gave me a hot bath and then carried me directly to the kitchen and put me down on the floor so he could feed me hot chicken soup.* ❤

  9. My favorite part of this political theater was when you had to wear a mask while walking to your table at a restaurant, but then it was perfectly fine to remove the mask once in the sitting position at the table. You all got played.

  10. The best is when you see young couples out both wearing masks. You can tell one doesnt want to wear one but it too scared to tell their parnter.

    1. My partner and I both wear them. He’s in people’s homes and museums and galleries all the time. He does it mostly for me, but doesn’t mind at all. He knows I need him to. I don’t understand why people have such a problem with people wearing masks. It’s really none of anyone’s business why.

  11. Staying Endemic Around The World until remaining last and throughout the coming years.

    1. What do you consider “non-elderly”? I am not positive, but I believe the mortality rate is about the same as the flu.

    2. Also just thought about how you would actually get a COVID-19 mortality rate in America. Considering they would list COVID-19 to any American who died, that had COVID-19 how can you even get an actual mortality rate?

    1. Evidently there are some companies paying more money for “pure blood” donations.

  12. It means that legacy media, politicians and activists can stop lying about COVID-19 being an emergency now. For Texas and Florida, the two sanest states in the Union, it means absolutely nothing.

  13. I don’t think it’s wise to let your guard down. The Enemy is still out there! To wear a mask or not to wear a mask? That’s a choice the individual makes…I’d be very vigilant.

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