1. Them “RON KLAIN” emails
      are “blossoming” into other
      “hard copy” data….👈😁…

    2. And EVERYBODY is paying
      attention to Ron Klain’s e-mails…👈😁…


  1. The reason he doesn’t mention his family much is pretty simple really. They can’t be used against him if he gives out little information on them

  2. The more practical reason for not highlighting his family and especially his children is that he has survived by the ruthless use of power, including assassinations. A successful opponent would need to be just as ruthless. His family then becomes a soft target to attack him.

    1. @residentgrey okay I understand what you’re thinking as far as what should be done but about what what the f*** are you talking about that’s not a complete statement

    2. @Jodi Carter the untagged line is for the top commenter. the tag did not generate.

      Few actually take the time to see from what basis this “other side” thinks and operates, and instead take in the false analysis of the talking heads on TV spewing MIC propaganda. The country has been targeted and attacked the entire time and I have been categorically against it even as a child.

  3. this is the very first time I’ve ever witnessed our media talk about putins daughters. I’m positive there are people finding out right now that he even has daughters.

    1. if you are from eastern europe this is not the first time you hear about them (im from ukraine)..putin has just never formally confirmed that they are his daughters and they went to school under different names

    2. Plus his lover Alina K. hidden in Switzerland and his other children. Should be sanctioned too.

    1. ​@ksks djdj unfortunately the UN can’t get rid of him unless they “dissolve” the UN and even then Russia gets a vote to dissolve the UN. It’s such a stupid rule.

  4. IMO, Putin does not want to talk about family because he is ex KGB. Think about the number of times he used threats on people’s family to get them to do what he wanted. Family is a pressure point, the fewer people that know anything about your family the harder it is to push on that pressure point.

    1. @Patrice AQA о своих выборах побеспокойтись, выбрали старика с деменцией, куда он приведет страну если он географию не знает, вам наверное не рассказывают про его ляпы😂

    1. @Michael Dixon what do you mean i am scared to say what I think? And what poison are you talking about?
      You guys are weird in this comment section 🥴

    2. @Florence town in denial it’s ok it’s a communist thing 😁. Anyway things seem to going just great for you there so enjoy !!

  5. 7:33 term ‘former Yugoslavia ‘ is outdated. Since 2006 when Serbia and Montenegro split, it should be simply Yugoslavia, without ‘former’. As Austro Hungary is also former since 1918.

  6. I learned of his daughter’s not too long ago. Its been said that news stations or magazine tabloids in Russia that had shown pictures or videos of Putins daughters had either been shut down due to “financial” reasons or the person reporting (if it were bad report) would disappear.

    1. @Anastasia Lisitcyna они только свой нос видят, дальше ограничитель стоит🤑

  7. “Why doesn’t he tell us more about his family?! In other news, we are now taking direct punitive actions against his known family.” It’s like they don’t even hear themselves 😂

    1. @Michael Morningstar the two are related. He’s a KGB guy that would have no reason to unnecessarily expose his relatives to anyone trying to use them to get to him. For example, these sanctions. You can debate whether it’s right or wrong but them pretending that it’s baffling is comical.

  8. Anyone with his background and training knows family can be used as weapons against him. That’s why most people that go under cover for work don’t keep social media, don’t post pictures of their families. Because if you are ever captured, or if someone wants to black mail you, they go for the family first.

  9. Any financial advisor would have had them remove and hide their US assets months ago. Come on man!🐻

  10. Again politicians and people with power lose there way.

    Becoming you enemy is something you do on the battle field in the middle of a fight.

    I earnestly wonder who came up with this and who went along with this.

    If his children gave are oligarchs or generals in the war, i could understand.

    God help the human race if this is the evolution and the maturity of our democracy.

    Has the Trump presidency affected democracy in whole, like covid affecting the world?

    Is compassion and logic be destroyed?

    Sorry, this thinking saddens me. ✌🏼


  11. It’s the same for any leader like Putin. Look at Xi. Most people didn’t know he had a daughter who even went to Harvard. It’s very hard to even find a picture of her

    1. Btw i found a picture of her she looks like her dad a lot. But holy shyt she looks like any averge chinese student studying abroad i am sure her classmates wont ever know that she is the daughter of a leader

    2. @Florence town Chinese, why Chinese? Apparently there are rumours he has two more with his gymnast girlfriend, he left his wife for. I couldn’t find any pics of them but his two older girls I looked up months ago, there are few but they are out there.

  12. This has officially reached an embarrassing point… “Maybe we can make his daughters lives harder… Maybeeee” knowing very well that none of this matters, only one person matters, Putin… If anything this is just gonna to escalate things, which they were trying to avoid happen, these sanctions most like will NOT make Putin feel pressure to stop cause they mean nothing to him

    1. @Ivan Lk right 😂😂… Let’s sanction the family pets! Stop them from getting Western kibble and dog chow! Then… If we can do that, THENNN, Putin will stop the war…

  13. It is best to give them 45 day s advance notice….. & then explain the plan….. so that Putin has as much lead time as possible to move assets to other locations…. Most actions are done to give Putin lots of loopholes and as much notice as possible as we want our public to be impressed but not make him upset

  14. Yeah, there’s at least one other daughter who’s young, maybe 18 or 20. I think it’s also about vulnerability. The less people know about them, the less likely they are to be harmed (by someone like Putin).

  15. USA started war in Ukraine in 2014
    Due to:
    Independent since 1991, Ukraine is an “important space on the Eurasian chessboard”, the control of which is supposed to make a domination over the world possible. In a post-Cold War world under the United States’ (US) geostrategic domination, Brzezinski identifies Ukraine – in Eurasia.
    Zbignew Brzezinski

  16. According to the Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Mikhail Popov on Sunday, the US increased its imports of Russian oil by 43% in the last week, totaling 100,000 barrels a day.

    Popov told Komsomolskaya Pravda news that “the US forced Europeans to introduce anti-Russian sanctions, while not only continuing to import oil from Russia but increasing volume of [oil] deliveries for the past week by 43% up to 100,000 barrels per day!”

    The Deputy Secretary also detailed that Washington imported fertilizers from Russia while listing them as essential goods.

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