1. @David Reid I think they have already there own state on west county’s inside so watch for them good there if so worrying

    1. Not in today’s world where grown men are even afraid of masks and needles. They can’t fight power unless its with a game controller.

    2. Putin is now responsible for not only all the refugees fleeing Ukraine, but also young people in Russia. What next?

    3. @markus belzer Yes, that’s why one of the latest Israeli tank prototype, the Carmel, is mostly operated via an x-box controller. Many combat drone already on the battlefield are using game controllers. Game controllers are going to be the most common human/machine interface in the army soon because the young men are very agiles with it. Their learning curve is really improved by using an interface they are already expert with thousand of hours of training at home.

    1. Your family probably would not even exist after WW1 and WW2 and add the butterfly effect to that and your parents would not have even ever met in the first place.

    1. They are drafting more than just young people. Said so in the news clip. More like rich people sending off the poor to go die for their pocketbooks (which also includes ego).

    2. @NY Grl Finland and Chile, right now. Then there are the literally tons of teenage kings throughout history. Crack a book.

    3. @Red Rick 34 isn’t really that young and Finland isn’t exactly going to hell in a hand basket. Your comment indicated that youth equalled war mongering on the order of all the old folks. And I don’t have to crack a book, just ask the Google. Cheers!

  1. If they can stand together in defiance against Putin this madness will end! Only the people of Russia can stop him. Please stand against him and remove him from power, the world will be forever grateful to you!

    1. @Анна Гурьянова
      All I hear are feckless excuses for why Russians are too afraid to rise up and take their country back.

    2. This isn’t about moral courage. Those Russians already left Russia months ago. This latest mob are the Russian men and teens who do not want to be fed into a Donbass meatgrinder.

    3. @Анна Гурьянова I understand what you mean and I feel really sorry for the people of Russia! But it must be stressed that the only way Putin can be stopped, is by Russian people standing together in defiance. People like Putin will never give up their grip on power, it has to be taken from them by force. Unfortunately that means people will very likely get hurt in the process, but think how many lives will be lost if Putin is allowed to continue his madness. How many more of your countrymen have to go off to war and die for him?

    1. @Showertime with Potato Joe&Ashley ​
      “Like George Soros…”
      We get it, you hate Jews.
      Just like you hate personal freedom and protecting programs that help everyday people.
      Because you hate America

    2. @Showertime with Potato Joe&Ashley smoking crack-cocaine you will like it and you will stop right now speaking bullshit.

  2. Escape, desert, surrender, or perhaps just do nothing. I have to wonder if Putin can even force the troops to fight at a certain point. Would be amusing if the war ended similarly to how it started, tanks and trucks of Russian troops running out of gas or just breaking down in the middle of the road and doing nothing.

  3. I remember when Russia thought it was ok and justified in invading Ukraine. It’s not not a good idea anymore I see.

    1. I was ok while you sitting confortably on the coach and happily cheering for another occupied city and millions of ruined lives in Ukraine, but now when those coach warriors are forced to join frontline, it’s seems like a different story.

    2. @Showertime with Potato Joe&Ashley
      “…before helping Americans.”
      Democrats protect and enact programs that help Americans which the GQP do everything in their power to block, cut, or eliminate.
      Roll up all of your ignorance, your hypocrisy, that election denial bullshit, and your hate for America, then GFY with it.

    3. @Frankie Sweets Wait a minute, I thought Russias action was justified because of these supposed nazis in Ukraine? Why aren’t you standing up for mother Russia, comrade? In fact, you should fly over there and volunteer.

    1. @Showertime with Potato Joe&Ashley Yes Sergei, you are right! Russia shouldn’t have interfered in Ukraine’s affaires in the first place.

    2. Sounds familiar…men with more ego than substance. They make the world suffer for their greed and need for power. And it’s sick.

    3. @Patriotz Finder the US shouldn’t be involved. The Biden crime family couldn’t pass up the opportunity to launder money provided by American taxpayers.

    4. Reminds me of the Austrian Mustache guy who made a usual salute then later suffered a PARKINSONS and commit suicide.

    1. Au contrere.

      It’s the middle that is probably the least policed.

      Siberia to the north east is full of fossil fuel sources and the west is the main administrative hub of the country.

      The middle is pretty much of little interest and the kind of place where you would be better off making a run for it.

    2. @iron threads3 “Nobody will bother to look for them in Siberia”

      You don’t know much at all about the Russian economy I see.

      Most of Russia’s fossil fuel resources are tapped from Siberia.

  4. “Calling up 300,000 ‘reservists’…”
    Forced Conscription of unwilling civilians for one madman’s goals.

    1. @Showertime with Potato Joe&Ashley Lincoln (R), Wilson (D), FDR (D), Truman (D), Kennedy (D), LBJ (D), Nixon (R),…yea Republicans drafted Americans to so not sure what your point is.

    2. It is like forced conscription of rural people so that children in Moskow and St. Petersburg are not inconvenienced by war.

    1. @Showertime with Potato Joe&Ashley Awww all the saltiness is kicking in gear now…Do you want some Potato Chips with all that salt⁉️

  5. I keep seeing this same headline all over our news outlets here in the US. I think a lot of people forget the class division in Russia, people are fleeing the big cities and yet Putin is left with a country full of either hardcore supporters or the poorer people in the villages who may not have access to news other than state media. I think this is actually creating more of a problem.

    1. This total senselessness is absolutely not Russia’s war, this is solely one man’s war!

      It looks like Czar Putin is inevitably going to get The 3rd Russian Revolution that he has been working so hard to initiate!

  6. If you really think about it, It’s extremely messed up that any country can force people to fight. Doesn’t really leave you feeling like your living free. If your country is being invaded then it’s a bit of a different situation, but I still think people should have a choice or at least options.

    1. USA drafted 2.2 MILLION Americans for the Vietnam war……………………………………………………………………………

    1. That’s when you know that Puttin is insane, he needs his head to be examined before everyone perish under his ego.

  7. Ukrainian citizens in February 2022:
    “I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!”
    Russian citizens in September 2022:
    “I don’t need ammunition, I need a ride!”

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