1. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. @Davey yea I care that azov Nazis hid behind human shields in Mariupol, mariupol a traditionally Russian city that was invaded by azov after 2014 usa backed maidan coup

    2. God is obliged in PRINCIPLE to disregard All Ukrainian Prayers – Russian Army also cannot PRAY away for themselves! In other words they cannot Pray – away – others’ Free Will! Defenders will defend, invaders will invade. God cannot act against your own Free – Will and Be what U are & where U wanted to be!

  2. Whoever is reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  3. And just to think 7 months ago the eyes 👀 of the world we’re watching the Russian army..and now it’s literally crumbling at every level the turn of events is surreal.

    1. @اعرابي also the Americans never lost in Afghanistan, they were holding the Taliban back in many spots but the war had gone on for 20 years so when they left and abandoned the nation, it all collapsed. Actually shows how big America can help in such small foreign even impossibly hard to develop by peaceful locals mountainous terrain

    2. @King Might American never mentioned but they actually used it, that small nation is supported by 30 NATO countries 😅

  4. The sad irony is that no one threatened Russia. This is a disaster of its own making!

  5. A quote Russia might want to consider: “The victor is not victorious if the vanquished does not consider himself so.”.
    Russia can decide to start the war without the consent of Ukraine, but they can’t decide to end it without the consent of Ukraine.

    1. If Ukraine got their land back, they wouldn’t be wasting their time fighting, although nothing would bring back the tens of thousands civilians that were tortured and killed. Ukraine has already spoken out about their conditions and thoae include that no conversation will take place while Russia consider their illegaly annexed territories as their own.

    2. They will not need any consent to stop, when the 4 territorys will be annexed it will be finished , Ukraine will begg but Vladimir dont care about money He might march to Kiev.

    3. @NEW WORLD ORDER you do know the polish border is to the west, right? Unless the plan is to retreat so far east you get to Poland’s western border? 😂

    1. @Muddy Water More Russians have died in the first 5 months of war in Ukraine than the 10 year war in Afghanistan where the Soviets lost over 9,500 soldiers. Right now if the figures are right and 75,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or injured in 8 months of war, then that is an epic fail on the part of Putin. Keep in mind the US lost a total of 7,500 soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan in over 21 years of war in those regions. The two militaries cannot be compared as one is world class and the other is losing to a smaller neighboring country called Ukraine…

    1. @Joe Cee “They never have to go onto the field themselves, not like the battles during the good old days.”
      Good old days? What, the days when a septic paper cut could kill you? lol
      For as long as there have been rulers and armies, the poor have fought the battles of empire.
      You watch too much television.

    2. @Joe Cee I think you missed a detail. About bringing generals in the field? Russia has brought generals in the field. Already 14 are killed. Imagine what we don’t know, how many more were killed.

      These are the names of the Russian Generals who are killed in Ukraine!

      Andrei Aleksandrovich Sukhovetsky, Major General, 41st Combined Arms Army
      Andrei Borisovich Kolesnikov, Major General, 29th Combined Arms Army
      Oleg Yuryevich Mityaev, Major General, 150th Motorized Rifle Division
      Yakov Vladimirovich Rezantsev, Lieutenant General, 49th Combined Arms Army
      Vladimir Petrovich Frolov, Major General, 8th Guards Combined Arms Army
      Andrei Dmitrievich Simonov, Major General, 2nd Guards Combined Arms Army
      Kanamat Khuseevich Botashev, Major General, Unit 23326 of the Western Military District and Commander of Baltimor Airbase
      Roman Vladimirovich Kutuzov, Lieutenant General, 1st Army Corps

      And there were more!

  6. I appreciated CNN’s rare effort to show more of the actual footage and things happening on front line rather than showing a 30 second clip and speculating, inviting so called professionals giving speeches (which is fine) but we need more of this.

  7. you’re forgetting about a fun detail: when russian soldiers die in service, their families are legally entitled to monetary compensation. wagner contracts do not contain such a clause. therefor wagner mercenaries are comparatively extremely expensive alive (they’re paid about 10 times more), but their deaths are cheap. nobody in their right mind and not in prison should sign up for that.

    also the “no thuggery, no sexual crimes” thing is clearly not a strict rule. wagner’s prison recruitment has included rapists, murderers, and a cannibal.

    1. @Daedalus Dave if there is any money left over after getting the elite gets their yachts back from impound, the families of these soldiers that have laid down their lives might get a pittance

    2. @wired vibe Yes they are mainly used for escort and security. They aren’t sent in to assault an enemy position. Its still incredibly dangerous though, the soldiers dragged out of their car and hung from the bridge in Fallujah before the battle kicked off were Blackwater mercenaries.

  8. Surely there must be a firm to put these people in their place.. dragging dead bodies and having no regard for the meaning of life. Surely there’s a team

    1. You mean like Batman and Robin or the Justice League?
      ‘War is hell’. It seems these Russian soldiers are intent on proving and expanding on that saying.

    1. @Jim Readey Nonsense, some of the best arguments on earth were made w/o the inclusion of grammatical accuracy

    2. @Jim Readey Nonsense, some of the best arguments on earth were made w/o the inclusion of grammatical accuracy

  9. Wagner was never elite. Their success early in this war was simply do to Ukraine not being properly prepared or equipped. The only time Wagner ever faced a modern military was in Syria when they bumped into US forces and they got tore up.

    1. “Got tore up” is a pretty massive understatement. A full-scale attack on a US base resulted in 1 wounded US soldier, and their attacking force being completely decimated by artillery and bombers.

  10. The rest of the video @2:50 with the Wagner asking a soldier about having body armor is absolutely brutal. They all die. One of them gets sniped through the spine.

  11. God bless Ukraine finally a country that will fight for itself I good about my tax dollars going for a country that really wants to keep themselves free a modern country in the last couple of decades God bless I hate War though. To me this is a clear cut country defending itself from an aggressor

  12. Vladimir Putin consulted with a fortune teller. He asked:

    “How long will I live?”

    The psychic replied: “I cannot tell that but I do know you will die on a Ukrainian holiday.”

    “Which holiday?” Putin asked.

    “Whichever day you die will be an Ukrainian holiday.”

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