Russian recruits complain about conditions in new video

Ukrainian officials say soldiers are fleeing, harming themselves, and faking illnesses to avoid fighting in Ukraine for Putin. In an interview with CNN’s Ana Cabrera, retired Army Major John Spencer reacts to the new video that shows the recruits complaining about their conditions.
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    1. LAST DAYS: Mark 13:8
      [8]For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

    2. @M. J. Lee When has anything you said has not been true we have always had wars , earthquakes and famines

  1. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. We should send them more money!!! Forget about the poor and homeless in the USA, let’s send another few billion in weapons aid to Ukraine!!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    2. @Gregory Pankow agree . All the miljard s for murder people is insane. All that money could help MANY
      PEOPLE all over the World .

    1. @RC russian media aren’t blocked here friendly bot… you see there is freedom of speech in civilized countries

  2. Russia’s Dictators have a history of treating their soldiers as cannon fodder. What’s encouraging is more civilians are speaking up now that it directly affects them.

    1. @Fennrir First while you do your best to create enough desperate poor people that see no option but to “volunteer”.

  3. The lesson from history is that Dictators do not resign, they are either forcibly removed or died. Stepping down or resigning is never an option.

    1. ​@Puppies are Power The point you just made is what scares me the most. How many inept idiots will carry out his orders if he decides to press that button?

  4. The Russian gouverneur of Kherson posted on Telegram that “his” region can produce enough food for the hungry people in motherland Russia. Little does the people know where the fertilizers actually comes from.

  5. That’s absolutely terrible he is denying those parents their last moment with their son and a proper burial. That so sickening, all for what, to save face because of your evil ways.. Just leave Ukraine 🇺🇦and leave those people alone 😒

    1. @Serenity Thanks again for your support. Our children and grandchildren will always remember to whom they owe the fact that they live in a normal democratic country.

    2. @Antonia Hamilton I have long noticed that most of the dictators in the world had, or have, small stature. A small person from childhood has an inferiority complex, and having come to unlimited power, he revels in it.

    3. ​@Andrey Bogunov You owe the fact that you will soon be a fully democratic country deciding you own fates and future to yourselves. Your people are bleeding and dying for this harder than the world has seen since the Second World War. Glory to the Ukrainian people.

    4. For putler it’s all about the money. Without a body he doesn’t have to pay out to the families and look bad when all the bodies come back.

  6. The Russians soldiers are fight for nothing while the Ukraine soldiers are fighting for their land,their wives and their kids. Fight on Ukraine the world is cheering for you.

    1. @Kliment Voroshilov Probably the best use of my tax money tbh. Would rather it go toward this than most other things the govt. spends money on.

    2. @Kliment Voroshilov and I have no problem with that. I would pay triple more taxes to support Ukraine or any country that is going through what Ukraine is going through.

  7. I was a grunt in the military and he is absolutely right, nothing like cold wet / icy weather to sap all the moral & spirit out of the troops, you are in it 24×7 for days on end and everything you do is so much more difficult. Russians were getting severe frostbite & dying of exposure back in March, the mobilized troops will be facing much colder weather with much less gear and I guarantee you this will be the tipping point to collapse the Russian lines if they are even still around then.

    1. @Fennrir First yea obviously. I’m talking about the draft happening in Russia. You do know that’s happening right now? No one mentioned exclusively democratic countries and yes it’s happened in America several times. Are you daft?

  8. Videos from Russians show their escape to foreign countries because YouTubers expressed their fear for their safety while in Russia. In the exodus they saved themselves from killing Ukrainians who they view as friends as well as dying a miserable death by being killed during battles, shot in the back by commanders, freezing to death, perishing from pneumonia or starvation.
    The losses from Putin’s insanity are beyond tragic.

    1. @Galaxia X Nineteenth century Russian novelist Nikolay Gogol wrote about you and Putin and too many Russians…. ‘Dead Souls’. You trolls are getting fewer and weaker.

    2. Zelensky forgot to defend the rear. Iranian suicide drones are wrecking havoc behind enemy lines. Zelensky is the real target now. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. As a former soldier, I find myself on two sides. The Russians must lose this fight for invading a neighbor. But their soldier are going to die in the most horrific way a soldier can. With the feeling of abandonment.

  10. Major, I know what you mean about feeling miserable for these men. They don’t have coats, gloves, or training. What is happening in eastern Ukraine and the Kherson Oblast is called a rout. Unmitigated fear causes a soldier to leave an armoured tank for a stolen car. We saw this in 1991 Kuwait, and we’re seeing it again here. I remember how overrated the Iraqi forces were, also. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦🇺🇲.

    1. I remember that burned up, and blown up vehicles for miles probably as many as 2 thousand vehicles heading north out of Kuwait it was a massacre I think the total number of deaths were 10,000 but I think it was more like twice to three time that number…

    2. @Robert Colfack It don’t remember the number. There were vehicles all the way to the horizon. 10 miles or more. but that doesn’t sound right. There were Iraqi tankers standing 100 yards in the desert, off the road, trying to surrender to Super Hornets and F-16s bombing and strafing vehicles in the road. Those Iraqi officers trying to steal Range Rovers from Kuwait suffered instant immolation in their prized vehicles. It was horrible and exhilarating at the same time.

  11. *The most valuable survival gear for a Russian soldier* is a white sheet, a long pole, and a cell phone with the phone number to call to arrange surrendering.

  12. Every time Ukraine makes contact with Russians and slow down, it usually means at least a Ukrainian vehicle has been shot. This is far from being bloodless for the Ukrainians. Their ability to advance despite this shows how professional and motivated the Ukrainians are.

    1. They know that they have to keep them off balance and stop the Russians from being able to set a defensive line. If the Ukrainians try consolidate that would give the Russians time to dig in they need to continue the momentun and push on and not give the Russians time to regroup.

    2. as war goes. Both sides take loses. Thou Russia loses are now braking to point that its not 1 – 1 but 1 Ukrainian lose and about 5-20 Russian lose so its not looking good for Russia

  13. Keep moving forward Ukraine !! Good and right are on your side.
    Slava Ukrania ! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  14. This breaks my heart…. These people are being forced to fight for a man who is a coward. Unlike the people they are fighting whose leader is amongst them. That has to be a hard pill to swallow even after being drafted. You are going to the slaughter. With no real goal but a man’s fragile ego for a fight. Russians & Ukrainians are cousins in the construct of family a lot of us grew up together. We have blended families.. This is…heartbreaking.

  15. This is heartbreaking. My heart weeps.for the Russian people forced into a war they didn’t want & being herded like sheep to the slaughter by a leader they can not trust & know nothing about. For the Ukraine people attacked for no good reason, fighting and dying to protect their homes and democracy. For the world watching with its heart breaking, trying to imagine this happening in their own countries. It is so heartbreaking on so many levels. May Divine Clarity Love and Light make its way across the whole world tonight, waking everyone to the atrocity and senselessness of war, to the unnecessary evils of it. May the men who start these wars then sit warm and safe in their palaces as millions of others suffer and die be removed from their cacoons of safety and removed from all power they have over other by whatever means is least harmful and most helpful to all. May the highest good of all begin to be prioritized & achieved in these war torn and polarized nations around the globe and may we all align with our highest and most divine selves and beings so that we may usher in a new & permanent era of harmony wellbeing and peace for all humanity, & all life on the planet. May the suffering end and the healing begin & may we all think with our highest minds, act with our clearest hearts, and be true to our most joyful desires. This is my wish for the world tonight. I know God can and WILL see it through.

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