Putin’s rage against civilians may herald a brutal new phase in the war

Vladimir Putin’s latest display of brutality and vengeance might be a fit of fury over his signature Crimean bridge being blown up. But his indiscriminate targeting of Ukrainian civilians also raises the prospect of a horrific new turn in a vicious war.
Russian missiles damaged a glass-bottomed footbridge in Kyiv that is a popular tourist site, tore into intersections at rush hour and crashed down near a children’s playground on Monday. Power outages rolled across the country, in places cutting off water supplies and transport, in strikes that recalled the terror inflicted on civilians in the invasion’s early days but that had largely ebbed in recent months.
The attacks snatched away the semblance of normality that city dwellers, who spent months earlier in the war in subways turned into air raid shelters, have managed to restore to their lives and raised fears of new strikes. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports.

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    1. Russia is now doing what Israël is doing in Gaza, to me its absoluut sickening to see these kind of leaders.

    2. been playing too much Path of Exile I guess, I almost read it as “power corrupts, and corruption empowers”

    3. @rider In what way is the President’s power absolute? Indeed, if you look at the reports of former Trump White House people, he was the one running it like a French court in their most decadent centuries.

  1. I actually cried when the soldier shot down that missile… Probably saved so many lives… Keep up the good fight! Slava Ukraini!

    1. @Jen Kem lol 😂😂🤣🤣 didn’t now the true meaning of propaganda 🤣😂until I started watching this channel

    2. @Sooz I actually cried when our holy warriors thrashed western NATO alliance out of my beloved country Afghanistan

  2. Truly one of history’s monsters. This won’t be forgotten. What a legacy for Putin, he must be so proud of himself.

    1. What is Baffling is how much SUPPORT he is getting from other countries and people within Russia. Such as Iran. North Korea India and China.
      We won’t forget these countries.

    1. @Barry Becker No one is every completely innocent in that part of the world. It’s always been like that. There was no need for this war though. Tens of thousands dead, for what? It will be interesting to see if Russia tries to make Kyiv look like Aleppo, after Poot-Poot’s bridge go boom-boom.

  3. The best soldiers are made from people who, leaving home in the morning, did not even think about war. And in the evening when they returned, they found an explosion crater in the place of their own house, in which the wife, children and parents evaporated. And now this is no longer a man, but a wolf that will rip as much as he live. And he will live long. For he does not value his own life: he does not need it. He doesn’t need money, he doesn’t need orders, he doesn’t need anything at all. He has only one thing – revenge. That is why he will live long. Slava Ukraini!!!! Glory to the heroes!!!!

    1. @Larry Sherk Spot on Larry. People should do their homework before hopping on their keyboards to post sh!te.

    2. @Андрей Каминский Can you please elaborate more on the war between Vietnam+America. Never really knew it existed

  4. He calls the bridge attack which is a viable military objective terrorism, then goes on to target civilians.

    1. @Malice Mizer your assessment is hypocritical. If you count countless civilians lives taken by Japanese military in occupied territories and unhuman treatment of prisoners and population there, perhaps you’ll understand why US resorted to atomic bombing to put an abrupt end to that. However, I suspect that you know that we’ll and just manipulate the facts to your advantage.

    2. @Uton Johnson i gotten more laughter from trying to read your sad attempt to write a coherent sentence. Russia should really train their troll better.

    3. @Michael Ger are u being paid by usa. You just can’t stand that someone has different opinion than u. There are protests in france and in many countries against nato. They want to leave nato. There are many countries who abstain voting against Russia and some just don’t vote against Russia


  6. Since this is for a domestic audience, maybe our sanctions should start to target that audience more aggressively. If their people are satisfied with more violence, then they should be the target just as put in is.

    1. He is feeling the sanction already. More sanctions are coming from other countries as well. He’s also angry that he’s losing a lot of gasoline customers. That means Russia’s income has become less…and losing billions. European Union have built their own gas Pipelines fast and already using their gasoline. And they’re ready for the coming freezing season. EU countries were buyers of Russian gas for several years ago. Now they have their own gas supply

  7. Just like we praise the pasts generations for their bravery standing up against dictators threatening Europe, future generations will judge us on how we handle ours.

    1. @Ian Lelen As long as there is sin, there will be war. Apart from God you get sin. To get rid of sin, you need the Son!

    1. Yeah but absolute power is also the route to downfall. All mad dictators gets so isolated they don’t have anyone to trust other than a dog.

  8. It’s so amazing how quickly the ambulance n fire fighters respond during this terrible time… May God keep you all Ukrainian safe & win this war soon

    1. @J J C Could you please provide some sources or evidence please? I am pretty well versed in this issue and you seem to be completely misled of what’s going on there. Sources? Evidence? What are you talking about?

    2. At what expense is winning that war or should I say @ what cost , it the citizens who pay the price not the president or their politicians or their politicians families the blood in street are from the people, if president zelinsky really cared for his people he would surrender so no more Dies

  9. I just knew that after the 4 regions were annexed, things were about to spiral completely out of control…..

  10. The English during the blitz had similar survival stories & how did they react.?They doubled down in their resolve to get even & during the battle of Britain made that happen.

  11. I remember that bridge from a previous interview of a Ukrainian soldier tasked to watch the area at the start of the conflict when the Russians were closing on Kyiv. I hope he is well.

  12. Anyone who stands by, watches and let’s this happen and doesn’t intervene is just as guilty as the Russian Federation

    1. We said the same when Powell brough his forged proof for weapons of mass destruction in front of the UN 😀

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