Putin’s ‘unusual’ habit with generals isn’t typical for a modern military

CNN reporter Katie Bo Lillis breaks down Russian reactions to Putin’s choice to call up reserve troops to fight in Ukraine, and how Putin is dealing with an increasingly divided military amid Ukrainian advances. #CNN #News


    1. Benevolent dictators are the most effective form of government, imagine if we had George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln in power today, and got rid of the Senate and Congress, we could get things done. Its just not realistic.

    1. @John Smith Stalin’s Holodomor was to deliberately starve the Ukrainians into submission, to make the whole population docile. Fear and control are two great masters!

  1. Hitler directly interfered with front line operations as well. Ironically, literally on the same soil, look how that worked out for him. Slava 💙💛

    1. Only difference is Hitler didn’t have nuclear weapons. Let’s hope his military is smarter than him when he tells them to push the button right before he takes poison.

    2. Germany got as far as it did in WWII due to having inept foes and letting capable commanders do their thing. Many of their defeats can be traced back to Hitler ordering dumb things.

  2. 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇸
    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
    We Fight Evil!

    1. A man who casually threatens to annihilate the entire United Kingdom, and turn it into a “Martian landscape” as Russian media said, is unambiguously evil, if that word means anything at all. He and his enablers think nothing of killing millions of innocent people. Any Christians who believe in Hell need immediately to renounce this false prophet who has mesmerized too many of them.

    2. a russian loyalist accused us and the west of being homosexual because they allow their people to have same sex marriages. That’s why God is angry with you people and a nuclear disaster is about to hit London and France.

    1. Obviously, they wouldn’t give them guns, they would just send them in front as a shield and shoot if they try to run away, pretty common practice in both world wars

  3. You can be a peaceful person and also honor another person’s duty to defend themselves. Stay Strong Ukraine

    1. @heymisterderp i didn’t realise that the US governed Iraq? but even if that were your issue, then it would fail the simple test of two wrongs don’t make a right.

    1. Putin was never anything but a lowly uneducated policeman with a taste for power, brutality and a knowledge of surveillance. He’s a complete piece of garbage and the strongest lesson in appeasement since Hitler. The West NEVER should have done as much business as they did with him.

    1. @Dean Barnett When you can’t win a war since 1991, you debase your credibility already. Colin Powell knew how to win so he’s far superior to these overpaid bureaucrats on TV. They turned Overwhelming Force doctrine into Endless Stalemate Doctrine.

  4. Hitler was giving directions to German army too and then he lost his nerve after the defeat at Stalingrad. Hopefully Putler continues to do the same! It’s worked out well for him so far!😂

    1. Roosevelt did the same thing and directed the invasion of northern Africa against the generals’ advice and wishes.

    2. Little more complicated than that. The British wanted North Africa first. Most American generals wanted to get it over as fast as possible and go straight for Europe. At the end of the day I think North Africa was the right choice.

    1. Yes. They are great pawns! Being exploited even better than even blacks in America. Glory to them for aiding the globalist agenda.

  5. In Iran, the government is at war with the people.
    Several people were killed in these three days
    Please be our voice in the world. thanks a lot

    1. People are sick of old men telling them what to do. All these totalitarian and theocratical “leaders” need to be strung up by their people. Most men only understand greed, power, violence and control, so they should not be the sex that leads nations, because those attributes are exactly part of the reason why nations and governments fail.

  6. So many surprises:
    * Not many Body Bag Volunteers
    * Oligarchs relocating to one-storey buildings
    * Young people leaving Russia

  7. Ukrainian citizen in February: “I dont need a ride, I need ammunition!”
    Russian citizen in September: “I need a international passport ,and a ride!”

    1. Putin is gay and has a boyfriend. The problem is putin receives order from his boyfriend to attack ukraine.

  8. I really like Breanna’s intelligent approach. I wish we could see more of her. She used to do an editorial commentary and I miss that.

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