QAnon’s Influence On GOP Voting Policy

A recent poll shows the QAnon conspiracy theory has now become as popular as some major religions. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke to NBC's Ben Collins about the growing popularity of the movement and how it’s being used by state-level GOP lawmakers to push voting restrictions.

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  1. Hmmm…if there are concrete proof of election fraud, why should there be a need of Jan 6 event? Why Till now no proof are put forth in court but instead having activities in trying to find proof instead. ?

    1. @Angela Siegfried Be specific, COMMIE

      Proof of what?

      Btw, stating the TRUTH isn’t “name calling”, COMMIE


    2. @Justice Matters No- Never got our day in court- The audits of the actual paper ballots and the actual cheatin’ machines will tell the tale- other states are going to do it too, This was an obviously stolen election.

    3. @Guacamole Kid The Left knows the same.


      Sorta gives away their ethics, and integrity.


  2. Republicans seem to be missing the part where you can be held responsible for anything you say under the first amendment.

    The GOP seems to be under the impression that responsibility doesn’t apply to right wingers.

    MSNBC, or C-SPAN, or PBS, or whichever show doesn’t scare off fragile right-wingers, should start a miniseries explaining what the different parts of the Constitution actually means, how that currently is interpreted, and what does and doesn’t fall under the different amendments.
    Set up a game show about free speech, opinion, facts, conspiracy theories, rumors etc. and invite people from all over the demographic spectrum to participate. Have experienced judges to explain the answers on live TV, and challenge politicians to participate.

    1. We didn’t riot last summer and cause 2 billion in damages and 40 deaths. The dems did that.

    2. Excellent. Understanding Civics would go a long way to pull the wool from the eyes of the gullible.

    3. @M C Who are you calling gullible? People who can’t wait to get an untested shot for an infection that is 99.99 percent survivable? Or the people who want to keep our country’s sovereignty and Govern ourselves by our own Constitution?

  3. So sick of hearing how bad it all is. Want to hear what the Democrats are going to do about it to win the day.

    1. @Damien Darko247 Make sure your community leaders have not been infected by the QVirus. Make sure no bull happens in your elections. Check your registration with your local registrar. Vote. Get the vote out. Stop QGullible dolts from gaining traction in any position of power.

    2. @M C Agreed. Outside of that, however, are the concerning efforts to install mechanisms in many State legislatures to override any undesirable outcome. If successful, we’d be screwed regardless.

  4. The saddest, most maddening thing is that this QAnon inchoate conspiracy nonsense would have, not long ago (5-10 years), been rightfully seen as just some really bad attempt at trolling on an obscure chan board by very strange and bored people.
    It would have not gained any real serious support, been used as a joke, and then disappeared within a few months tops, just like so much other “copypasta” has on those silly sites.

    1. You know what is even crazier….. The main stream media has less credibility and are less truthful than qanon……and qanon isn’t that big of a deal

    2. It’s hilarious reading what leftists say about Q. The truth is they know absolutely nothing about.

    3. @Guacamole Kid I didn’t know anything about it but now I do. Funny how Q always moves the goal posts when Q is wrong. Watch how far it’s moved again when trump is not in the Whitehouse by Aug.

    4. @kathy weis Q never made date predictions- the numbers that people thought were dates were actually chapters in the Military Law of War Manual- 11.3 and 11.4 are two that come to mind.

    1. @74 Rowe how much does msnbc pay you to troll the comments to boost their channel’s stats

  5. I place anything Trump in the same category as religion. Both, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, continue to “believe”. Science flies men to the moon. Religion flies men into buildings.

    1. A few ‘priests’ manipulating credulousness and magic thinking has always been, and will continue to be, a serious danger to mankind. There seems no way to eradicate it either.

  6. Isn’t it amazing they(politicians) are not getting a PSYCHIATRIC evaluation, tests for dementia..Drug use. That blows my mind..they have the freaking nuclear codes..

    1. I agree with most of your statement but they do not have nuclear codes. Those codes reside with the president at least President Biden won’t be tempted to use them during hurricane season.

  7. Parodying Trumpism is like playing Duck Hunt, but the ducks commit suicide with H-bombs 💥🦆💥
    Making a post 1983 pop culture reference is just as hard….apparently. BTW, GET OFF MY LAWN!

  8. Dems in senate have only got a year and a half left to end filibuster before at least 1 being replace by GOP.

    Manchin is completely wasting time and not understanding that these Republicans (except Romney and few others)recklessly destroying this country

    1. @Ryan Ellsworth Yes, go ahead and cheat your way now with sham audits to steal elections. While Democrats win legally on our own, bc we’re a majority. Ya’ll need to resort to LIES bc you’ve got NOTHING. No policies, no agenda (other than blocking Biden), no ideology, no smarts, no integrity, no decency, no honesty, no nothing. Don’t get your hopes up, bc Trump will NOT be REINSTSTED in August, the only place he’ll go is to jail. In the meantime, he will still push the Big Lie, Conspiracy Theories from Lala Land. Congrats you’ve got yourself a great DEMOCRATIC future for this country! Do you have an idea of what facism and authoritarianism are or are you completely cluless. Go ahead and Google it🤭 bc MAGA CRAZIES these days get dumber and dumber by the minute.🙄

    2. @Liren Hernandez Unlike HRC who is still wondering around in the woods drinking her sherry wondering what happened, we have no such problems over here. Thanks for your concern. Tell you what, let’s see what happens the next 3 months shall we? You see, us “MAGA crazies” are not backing down nor apologizing and you can call us anything you want because unlike you, we are grinning ear to ear because we can see what’s about to crash down on the Dems like a freight train. Fouci’s emails last week proved COVID was a scam. It was made in WuHan, he knew all about it because he was funding it. HCQ works and 99% of the deaths in Italy are not from COVID. Mike Lindell has shown us 5 min of his evidence and it is mind blowing! Shows how China hacked each state and added hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden just like the data shows. Now we know who did it and how. And we are just getting started with the audits. It’s a hot Summer my friend!

    3. @Nancy Ross I hope you haven’t hung your hat on that. We’ll all find out in a few weeks. AZ is almost done with the visual review. Once the second team goes through the scans and confirms who won we’ll know for sure.

  9. Let’s say these accusations are true; the only place they could have received this info is from the intelligence service of a foreign country. Chew on that for awhile.

  10. America is so weak right now and the GQP is to blame. White supremacy is more important to them than that of a democracy in this country.

    1. We’ll see who winds up being ‘the inmates’. This was a sting election- you guys are too blind and dumbed down to see the obvious signs-even the fake insurrection- so obvious- but you guys don’t even want to consider the fact that it was a hoax. So, we’ll see what happens in the end.

  11. I fear for our country if we can’t get HR-1 The For the People Act passed to reverse GQP voter suppression and protect redistricting from partisan gerrymandering. The GQP could subvert the election process for decades to come.

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