Supreme Court Declines To Take Up Military Draft Case | MSNBC

The Supreme Court has declined to consider a case that challenges requiring men, but not women, to register for the military draft when they turn 18. NBC News’ Pete Williams reports from Washington, D.C. 

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  1. This question reminds me of when Dead Pool was being attacked by two women, and he says, (paraphrase): “Is it sexist to punch you? Or not to punch you? I’m so confused.” 🤣

    1. so you alive or dead they get money no matter what say hey why not both sexes ? I am never voting again from sometime ago – – – –

    2. Deadpool said is it sexist to hit you is it more sexist to not hit you the line gets real blurry

  2. Proabortionist: “Name one instance where men aren’t in control of their own bodies”.
    Answer: “The draft”.

    1. @UCEeD7ynkE7RBM-fbNKYw5oQ you talkin about the science that says men can get pregnant? 😂😂🤡

    2. @Kyle Isaacson if you arent registered, then it would… the whole video seems to be about the supreme courts unwillingness to deliberate on the matter of a female draft. If everyone were required to register then it would be equal.

    3. @Christine R
      Probably because getting support doesn’t mean you use it for what it’s for.!!!

  3. Me reading through these comments and suddenly wondering why thier bringing up the draft 😀…😅…😧…😳

    1. @Colton Buckmaster I’m 40, and aside from that my vision probably isn’t up to par. Nothing serious, just an astigmatism. But I enlisted in the Marines out of high school. Never did research what the eligibility was, I just assumed with my age I wouldn’t qualify for it.

    2. @Divine I did look that up. Good luck to y’all if they do pull the draft, I hope y’all don’t have to experience war time. Wouldn’t wish that on anybody, for real.

    3. Russia, Iran too. Get potassium iodide and find out where the old fallout shelters near you are.

    4. Makes you wonder why China just raised the family child limit to 3 when they can barely feed the people that are already there, almost like they are expecting to lose a large portion of their population.

    1. @Stephanie James Do you think women should be drafted? Yes or no.
      It’s literally that simplistic.

  4. Equal means equal. The same. No difference. Same hair cuts,same uniforms, same fitness, the same everything.

    1. Haha , u funny ! Every one knows that’s how it should be if that’s what they want, but then they can’t pass the physical or mental challenge’s so they lower the standards, now there letting ppl who don’t seem to know what gender they r in….. And to think they wouldn’t take me because of a stupid mistake , not all that grave of a mistake at that , that I made when I was 15 yrs old … ohh how the times have changed

    2. @D S ..They have Changed,so much so,they now take felons into the military..Try Again if you’re still able..Should be a Shoo in🤝🕵🕴..

    1. They’re right… congress IS looking at reform of the laws which would make it senseless to start hearing if the law is to change.

    1. @Keith Ziegler That’s a separate, yet equally worthy issue! Actually, it’s a grander issue than females having to register for the Selective Service!

    2. Hey there. I’m a feminist and believe me, we do. We (mostly) believe that the draft shouldn’t exist for anyone at all. Unfortunately the media stands to profit more by reporting exclusively on men hating radicals so the vast majority of feminists are seen as radical idiots. We also frequently talk about courtroom biases against men in child support and custody cases as well as sentencing.

      In fact, the term toxic masculinity is *not* to make fun of men as the media suggests, instead it refers to a wide range of social norms men are expected to follow that damage themselves and others around them. An example would be the idea that it’s emasculate to cry. This leads to higher suicide rates in men thus putting it with the term of toxic masculinity.

    3. @Keith Ziegler

      That’s just a weak deflection away from the crux.

      Equality is a lie, and the 19th should be repealed.

    1. @Stephanie James oh but you feminists want equality right? Tell me, would females having to register for the draft not be equality? Oh yeah, females only want equality when it benefits them only.

    2. Let Cogress i mean Congress due their jobs.
      What there is a Law Men Only!
      AOC push through a bill with Nancy in the House to change the Law!

    3. @Scorch1028 Let Cogress i mean Congress due their jobs.
      What there is a Law Men Only!
      AOC push through a bill with Nancy in the House to change the Law!

    1. Meanwhile, female-to-male transgender people, like Chaz Bono, get sent to “women’s prisons” when they’re convicted of a felony.

    2. @Homestead At Last What male has prevented you from getting an education, buying a home, owning a business, getting a driver’s license, or applying for a job? (ALL of which are already highly illegal in the U.S., btw) Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    1. @baba yaga ganoush men and women aren’t the only one’s that exists?.? 😒 No there are insects,animals,reptiles hmm let’s see plants.. What ? You were just about to make sense..

    2. @Strategic Records i never called myself a genius but if that what you wanna go with i will take it

    3. @Sonnie Smiles so youre just gonna play dumb to avoid talking about nonbinary, two spirit and intersex people?

    4. @baba yaga ganoush Yes! 😂 because there is No such thing.. Boy, Girl thats it . there are some psychical problems. At birth sometimes Yes.. The rest of that nonsense is Godless..or mental illness..or both.

  5. I bet if they wanted transgendered story time in the military they would take it up.

    1. You’d still have to go to therapy and have proof of your supposed gender dysphoria.

  6. “Equality! Well.., mostly… Just the good stuff, ok? I’ll settle for that, thanks!”

  7. If they drafted women we’d be doomed. Imagine how liberals would carry themselves in a combat environment

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