Quebec bus crash: What we know about the driver | CTV National News

Laval, Que,. mourns after two children were killed when a bus drove into a daycare. Genevieve Beauchemin on what we know about the driver.

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if he was taking some prescription drugs that had side effects! It was said as soon as he ran off the bus he stripper totally naked, something had to set that off

    1. @Carol Druhan Many do, many go in barefeet. And where do you get off telling me to shutup? Have you ever driven a Transport Truck, or a Bus for that matter?

    1. @Ryan Esau To answer your sarcastic question, no. Literally nobody is coming to that conclusion. Stop trying to make every tragedy a statement about gun control you absolute mong.

    1. Don’t be ignorant and stick to the facts . No one leaves their house thinking of causing a accident
      Mistakes do happen as long as the person takes responsibility and serves his or her punishment and feel remorse

    1. @kar12894 Your statement would imply the perp is on the Trudeau payroll, and Justin will use this as ‘political capital’

  2. I would not want to assume that the driver was evil or mentally ill. Perhaps he had a stroke or something and it was a horrible accident. In that case, he might well be another victim of this horrible incident. I would suggest that all possibilities should be investigated before reaching conclusions.

    1. Thank you! Finally a rational mind with a proper reaction to this horrible horrible tragedy. Thank you so much for expressing that! I totally agree with you!

  3. This government needs to start to acknowledge how crazy mental health has gotten so bad in recent year’s with all the studies I’ve heard and read about. Problem is they don’t want to acknowledge it, is because this government caused alot of it by dividing the country more than it ever has is a huge part of the problem. It’s just shameful to see all this terrible stuff happening more than ever, I feel for that community and those innocent children.. so sad

    1. Especially after covid! I think its a huge step that a random on the internet named Ryan is pointing this out tho, if you have zero medical training but your thinking like that – then we are on the right tract to solving this mental health issue as a community.

    2. @Shao Co.  nope I’m no medical professional just read and listen to talk shows and observe what has been going on, and I believe mental health needs to be addressed sooner than later and the government needs to step up immediately, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s gonna come from this current government. Things need to change

    3. It’s not just about division- when I was in high school in the early 80’s, government was initiating the closing of mental hospitals where the seriously ill, mentally, were housed and provided for; and which provided out-patient services. A friend’s father worked at one- he said that if I knew how many of his former patients were on the street, I wouldn’t let my mother, sisters, or girlfriend go out alone. And here we are, almost 4 decades later- this is how neglecting the mentally ill turns out. Thank your local politician for this travesty of humanity.

  4. Ok..there’s no record so are going to spin this around and find ways that he might be suffering. He killed children but why? If his a PDF file you will still try to spin this around because his protected.

  5. “Premier Legault promised to look at ways to protect daycares from attacks.” WHY would there be any reason to look at ways to prevent attacks on other daycares? If this was simply, and tragically, a one time attack by a mentally deranged individual, why would there be any need to fortify other daycares in some way? Does Legault know more than he is saying?

  6. Unless you think crashing a bus into a daycare just for the hell of it is something a normal person does, it is indeed a mental problem.

    1. I think you’re right I think he had a mental breakdown or a stroke or something hit his brain it normally wouldn’t The title of this video absolutely Deceiving

  7. “she could do nothing to protect the daycare”
    do you not know of concrete bollard? not smart enough, or simply love money and dont want to spend it?

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