‘This is ridiculous’ | Watch Doug Ford’s tense exchange with reporters over Greenbelt deals

Ont. Premier Doug Ford faced questions from reporters about Greenbelt development and his ties to developers.

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  1. Just imagine every politician in this province was treated the same way? Kathleen Wynne was never treated like this!

  2. Way to protect the Greenbelt Doug! There’s an empty field adjacent to a community… let’s develop it!!! 2000 additional acres isn’t much when you build on 4000 or more acres Mr. Ford. DO the math!

    1. @Jeff Spicolli I still think it’s chasing the wind. There are more serious issues that needs to be dealt with. For example, the homeless and mentally ill that is exceedingly getting unsustainable.

    2. It’s not about wasting time on personnel thing. The issue is if one developer donated 1000$ how many other developers and trades gave money. It’s never a donation there a kick back to this I guarantee you that information. Nothing is free. If there a kick back that means it’s tax payer money spent on thing we don’t want to spend on. Same thing goes when a contractor, engineering firm, lawyers firm, sub trade sponcers a liberal parties this cost money to tax payer.

  3. These things link together. Donations/Bribes from developers are paid off by sweet deals to develope Greenbelt lands.

  4. We all saw what a great job Wynn did and that stooge Mcguinty when they were in power. Dougie looks like a super star compared to them.

  5. He got a sweet new house out of the deal, and we lost great farmland & wetlands for his 2000 acres of rocks, but he built a highway nobody needed thru farmland everyone needs.

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