Queen Agrees To Allow Meghan And Harry To ‘Spend Time’ In Canada, UK | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. 100% Agree. As a husband and a father, his No1 responsibility is to care and protect his family. If that means leaving the UK, then leave.

    2. His father has a poor record in that matter. But they were different times and he had bad advise from Mountbatton, “Marry the girl, have children and then have Camilla as a mistress”. Glad those days are over and Harry can be a loving husband and father.

    3. @Derrick Spooger Mountbatten did worse than dole out bad advice to his nephew Charles. *Much* worse. Recent scholars unhappily stumbled upon evidence Mountbatten repeatedly requisitioned underage boys for… less than honourable purposes.

      Although he was despicable, I sincerely regret the boat explosion & subsequent deaths. The innocent passengers deserved to live; Mountbatten deserved prosecution.

    4. @rrbaggett7 Interesting. Didn’t know about the boys. That seems to be a trend among the British upper classes (along with getting disciplined by matron becoming visiting a dominatrix in Soho. And people thought Monty Python was joking – lol)

    5. @Derrick Spooger British Upper class boys were sent to boarding schools where they were beaten by the teachers and older boys.
      That was supposed to make males more stoic and tough. It undoubtedly led to alcohilidn and all sorts of mental health problems. In fact, this “disciplinary system” reinforced the British class system and generated a drive to force other men — and nations — into submission. Sexual assault of several degrees was part of this. I guess it was assumed that a future King wouldn’t want anyone to be CERTAIN he had been buggered, so no prosecution would be forthcoming.

  1. If they move in close to where I live in Canada, my neighbors are so nosy that a bird won’t fly overhead without being noted and tracked. If a royal kid wanders off, they will be bundled up and returned before they can hit the treeline..

    1. Not when they’re on the taxpayer drip and they previously courted the media when it suited them.

      Double edged sword, as some sections of the press were nasty.
      Mind you Kate copped the same early on. Called a common, gold digget, her parents attacked as well. People have short memories.

      What tirned many against Meghan and Harry was lecturing about climate change whilst living a jetset , champagne lifestyle subdidised by taxpayers.

      Life goes on, in years to come, the dust will settle.

    1. Plus there’s a bit of a feeling that Brits have of “getting out of Dodge”, ahead of the Brexit calamity.

    2. If you quit your job, would you expect to be paid? They are quitting theirs while still being paid! People go hungry in the UK every day to support their lavish lifestyle. The least they can do is their do nothing job!

    1. The problem with those people yes I said those people they were raking her over the coles, as if they had every right to do so. Like they were in the palace having breakfast, lunch and dinner as if they were apart of the private conversations for pete sake and those tabloids magazines should be be burn with their bias racist trash and CBS should pull the plug from 60 minutes Australia they tried to massacre in that profile they did on last year!

    2. @ledza womdantso The Queen was not informed they were going to make an announcement on social media.

      She was not informed Meghan and Harry were leaving Archie in Canada at a billionaire friends residence and Meghan returned on the low down to Canada.

      That is why it blindsided her and an emergency meeting was called and Harry was left alone to do it.

      Meghan has form for cut and running.
      She posted her wedding ring back to her ex husband and that is when he knew the marriage was over.

      She speaks to one solitary member of her own family. One! Cut the rest out.
      Mind you, with some of them I don’t blame her. But it is odd that only one family member was invited to ger own wedding.

      I don’t think she is an evil person at all, but I do think she has issues with appropriately resolving interpersonal issues.

      Now Harry’s family has effectively been cut out due to the way it was handled.

      I do not blame Harry and Meghan for going and forging a life away from the palace, but the manner in which it was done was low rent.

      Poor and no relationships on both sides of their families, with them in the middle will inevitably take a toll on their relationship and marriage.
      I don’t think it will survive the distance. I don’t know them from jack, but family breakdowns no matter who it is is sad and I don’t wish that on them.
      Just my two cents worth.

      Anyway, time moves on, the public will get over it.
      Next headline or scandal will take its placr.

    3. @clarissa pennington Racism..maybe to a small degree but.. Early on ,
      Kate was called an ambitious gold digger.
      Her parents were mocked as common as muck ex air line stewards.
      Kate was mocked for wearing the same outfits and criticized for wardrobe expenses.
      Fergie was trashed and called the Duchess of pork and Diana was hounded.

    4. ledza womdantso , Thank you. Some ppl have selective memory. Yes how about the person from the other side who leaked it in the first place; I guess they get a pass.

    1. @5 they said they want to leave to become financially independant. …sheeh ppl are not happy either way…..if the get fed by public…we moan…when they want to make their own money…we moan 🙄

    2. @richstarx They aren’t happy because their wedding cost taxpayers 43 million, their house renovations cost 3 million and their security costs 600k annually, then they decide royal life is not for them.

      Which is fine, but stop with using taxpayers money.
      He is worth 60 million, she is worth 9 million.
      Pay for security themselves and pay the house renovations back.

    1. Blame Rupert Murdoch especially. A couple of years ago former Australian PM Kevin Rudd called him the cancer hurting Australia. Murdoch had done/doing that in the US and in the world.

    2. Good on them. No democracy should have a monarch family whose only job is getting fat on the taxpayer dole. The Suchess and Harry are a prime example of privilege and pomp.

  2. il be honest , im supporting Harry . he just wants to enjoy life with his wife n kid…not always dodging paparazzi and watching every thing he does will be judged by the public….apart from the money…i would hate that life

    1. @MsWonderful79 Thats exactly what this is. She is so self-involved and now that she’s in this Royal Family thats not enough anymore, so living in Vancouver will be a 2 hour plane ride to Los Angeles. This is all her idea.

  3. Harry wants his own life, ensuing drama and emergency meetings. Andrew destroys other’s lives …silence.

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