Queen Elizabeth II And The Royal Family Arrive At G-7 Event

Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family arrive at the G-7 dinner at the Eden Project. 

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    1. and so elegant, beautiful, simple but classy dress no vulgarity when you are an aristocrat. The true, unique and only Lillibet is the best in the world !! God save the Queen !

    1. That’s what I say, why are the royals at a G7 meeting, I thought they don’t deal with politics.

  1. It’s so nice to have a president that won’t be laughed at this year. It’s was embarrassing when Boris was laughing at our ex president with good reason.

    1. @Ronald de Jong Queen Victoria died at the age of 81 not 100, it was the Queen’s mum who lived to 101..

    2. @Donald Sanders thanks for the correction, I must have mixed them up. What I do know is, that at her time of death in 1901 Great Britain fought the Boer War in South Africa. The Boers, South-Africans fighting for an Independent Boer State, were in fact at that time by law, citizens of the British realm (British Empire).. When Queen Victoria died, the war was interupted by both parties until the time she was laid to rest. After that the war resumed.

      That is a show of unity that this country sorely misses.

    3. @Ronald de Jong

      Old is also good
      With age comes experience, wisdom and being comfortable in your own skin!!


  2. What’s the chances of social distancing and mask wearing happening once that lot have been on the champagne and truffles.

  3. *U.S. ROYALTY: The Monarchy at the bottom and our Crown Houses and People with Titles are more important.
    Castles and Palaces are now for Black Democracy.*

  4. The queen looks wonderful. Charles looks like a million years old Camilla also. I wonder how Diana would look if allowed the right to life.

  5. Everyone looks nice. The Queen looks lovely in her floral dress. Boris Johnson actually looks as if he combed his hair for the occasion.

  6. even though they are wearing lovely garments, they don’t seem to be dressed up for an evening dinner….

  7. Saying this with respect, but shouldn’t William do something about his premature baldness?
    Either get hair implants or embrace shaving it all off. That look in between does NOT suit him well at all. 😕💇‍♂️

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