1. I suppose the palace was too small and no employees were used to take care of these little dogs, so Charles who loved his mother and her dog’s really had to find them a better home than his newly inherited house.
    So kind of him.

  2. Andrew was heard to mumble, “Sure, I’ll take care of her precious little corgis! Those fat little bangers will look great with a side of beans beside them!”

  3. Any animal has a temper. Its up to the owner to tame bush beast. If owner gains the respect and trust of the owner, no problem at all.

  4. Oh what shall Prince Andrew
    Oh, bonnie Prince Andrew
    Oh what shall Prince Andrew
    Do with the Queen’s pets?
    He sent out some emails,
    “I’m keeping the females,
    And selling the males off
    To settle my debts.”

    Bonnie Prince Andrew and the Queen’s Corgis (Child 666)
    Tune: What Can A Young Lassie?

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