Questions Jan. 6 Select Committee Should Ask About Trump Mob Capitol Attack

MSNBC Legal Analyst Barbara McQuade joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why subpoenas should be served at “the front end” of the January 6th Select Committee investigation and what to expect from witness testimony.
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  1. I want to know who removed all the security call buttons from the offices! I’m looking at you, MTG and Gaetz. Let’s get this accountability party started!

    1. @ricky2222 peyers
      No. We already know what happened. It has nothing to do with trying to overthrow the election.

    2. @ricky2222 peyers Imagine, wallowing in right wing propaganda until you betray your country. If you lack imagination- there is video.

  2. I would love to hear from Lauren Boebert… who was live tweeting Nancy Pelosis location during this attack

    1. @ricky2222 peyers Lol…ya ok, when they’re done with the this investigation I’d love to hear about Trump sending in the badgeless and body cam free Federal agents in minivans and who they were, Trump supporters shooting, running down, beating up, pepper spraying, paint balling protesters and the right winged lunatics that were in the crowd breaking windows just to blame BLM protesters. 15,000 arrests made all the while the sitting president cheers it on…Ya, bring it on, got no problem with it at all, I’d love to hear this story.

    2. @Chilkat River Ashli Babbitt went there of her own free will. She posted video the day before, talking about how she was going to the Capitol and it was going to be wild. The investigation into her death is over. The officer who shot her has been cleared. A bigger question who made the detailed plan to storm the Capitol and why it it took so long to get help breaking it up. I mean how did this happen.

    3. Those terrorists were told where to go. This was an inside job, an attempt to overthrow our government. The orange clown could not get the military to do it so he got his band of cult terrorists to try and carry out a coup. I want to know about the meeting the Trumps held the night before in that hotel in Washington.

  3. Compelled aka handcuffs and jail. Dems get Tough! Im glad they added Cersei Lannister aka Liz Cheney to the committee. Im sure she’s not gonna mind compelling Kev No Ballz, and Conald to testify

  4. Who funded the weapons, assembly permits, hotel rooms, plane flights, or bus rides of the January 6 Rioters, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, or Three Percenters?

    1. I think some were part of different groups.. Some where just cult like followers easily manipulated with the words of fatty TRUMP boy.

    2. @Enchanted Homeschool are you kidding me?

      He doesn’t pay his own bills, much less someone elses

    1. Sedition
      “CONDUCT or Speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a State or Monarch”

      It is NOT protected by the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, “peaceably to assemble” is, riots are not.

    2. @Crimdor That’s exactly what traitor did. He said he wanted what they wanted, they wanted to hang Mike Pence. He lied to them and told them that they had been cheated and they need to stop it. Trump is responsible and everyone knows it. Trumps big lie is what made his cult go to overturn his big loss. I hate that traitor to America, and everything we were suppose to stand for.

    3. @Crimdor I hear people talk about the bomb all the time. We need to know everything. Who financed it? How did they know where people’s offices were? Why did Mike Flynn’s brother not send in help? Why did Trump, Flynn and the pillow guy try to attempt to call Martial law? Who gave tours to the traitors the day before? This all needs to come out. Let’s hope Republicans let it.

  5. Start each RepubliCON interrogation with….WHO won the 2020 Presidential Election???

    They will be under oath!!!

    1. Oath mean nothing to a liar like trump and his henchmen it like have a wild breast until oath who can’t and want speak the truth.

    2. @Ron Compton because the G Q P chose not to Participate, Quit your Snowflake Crying, Spinning and take your ball home.

  6. I’d like to know what the repercussions are going to be for the creator(s) of this attack?

    1. @MAGAtards are fake patriots
      Trump actually wanted to bring it back!! let’s go for it for HIS supporters.

    2. Did you not watch the Senate Hearings?!?!
      Both Sargent of Arms admitted their faults and mishandling of information. PBS has great coverage to refresh you.

    3. The house does have a contempt charge for delaying testimony call inherent contempt. It would allow the house to hold and keep anyone delaying the subpoenas and their testimony.

  7. 1. Why didn’t the Stable Genius tell the maga cult to stop until hours later?
    2. Why were House republicans giving the same people who attacked the Capitol guided tours the day before?
    3. How many times did the Stable Genius have to change his Depends diaper, out of worry that he’d be exposed as a loser?

    1. Considering that the building was in lock-down mode for the General Public because of the Coronavirus, they should all get locked up.

  8. I want to know how Josh Hawley was involved! He seemed to be in solidarity with the goings on and has been very quiet lately.
    The fact that so many republicans leaders let this crowd think that the
    Electoral College could be overturned is disgusting and is why they rioted.
    I’m so glad we have the likes of Ken Burns to document all of this for all the future to know.

    1. Will they all be back again to do more damage when trump is not reinstated as the my pillow guy has been spouting? It makes me wonder who is the craziest of the bunch

    1. The court/judiciary can set up special courts specifically for these instances. I’d say they are lazy, old, paid too well with lifetime appointments and insane benefits.

    2. @Andrew Melcher I Had got that Impression.
      Essex Got his Head removed in less time than this has taken.

    3. @anthony lyons Speaking as a Foreigner. I think there is truth in what you say.
      It’s as if the entire world has gone Mad.
      The USA is merely at the extreme end.

  9. I honestly think the reason the GOP have been so dismissive of the terror attack on Jan 6 is because there are a good few of them that participated. I won’t be surprised if we find some of the GOP had communications in the days beforehand to Jan 6, and won’t be surprised if it turns out members of the GOP fully knew what was coming.

    1. The gop leaders are terrorists! Their base is a dangerous army serving “the lord” with hate and vengeance. God take your followers home already. Amen.

  10. I’m getting Mueller report flashbacks…. It’s gonna be a whole lot of in your face treasonous crimes but there ain’t nothing they’re going to do about it.

    1. Maybe not remember Barr is not in the DoJ now so most of it wont be blocked out on what happened

    2. They Have to do something about it, this has gone too far and they know it’s gotta be stamped out. Have a little faith. 😊🌸

    1. He is getting advice from the joker who lost the house, Senate and White House. They never learn.

    2. McCarthy is NOTHING but a power proxy for the missing Loser-in-Chief. That said, I absolutely agree; they started to back themselves into a corner nce they withdrew active participation in the process. They had hoped that Biden would pull back on the political will. Ooops, blunder after blunder spells disaster, and look at all the the Grand Obstructionist Party members who have jumped on that wagon.

    3. I hope they replay that video of Kev blaming trump a hundred times. The one of McConnell is pretty good, too. Oh…and Lindsay Graham!

    1. @Zeus Zeus He’s not smart enough to keep track of his lies and what information is known though, and will purger (and hang) himself, so there’s that. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer

  11. The FBI has a couple of cooperating witnesses who would have to tell the truth. Kind of like Cohen did, but on much darker matters.

  12. I would say the eight congressmen that went to Russia on July 4th would have been laying the groundwork.

  13. Both McCarthy and McConnell are desperately opposing any investigation into the insurrection which implies that both know exactly who within their party are Trump’s co-conspirators and exactly what they did. Both McCarthy and McConnell are violating their oath to the Constitution by protecting those involved.

  14. I think it’s really important to call it what is was: a failed coup perpetrated by the Traitor in Chief of the USA.

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