Quigley: Trump Administration Used DOJ As Its 'Lap Dog' 1

Quigley: Trump Administration Used DOJ As Its ‘Lap Dog’


Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) says he supports a congressional investigation into Trump's Justice Department deciding to subpoena data and records from House Intelligence Democrats.
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  1. No kidding, what else were they doing? We need a full, thorough investigation of the last administration. This is just what we know about, the tip of the iceberg. Our democracy & the safety of our nation depends on it.

    1. @Badabababa He won the hearts of anti-Americans and Traitors, that’s about all he’s won in recent months.

      I’m sure he’s about to win some Indictments as well, now that several in his org are testifying against him in the SDNY Grand Jury case for money laundering, loan fraud, and tax evasion.

  2. As a dog lover I’ve always had a problem with the use of “Lap Dog” as a pejorative. It’s also not an apt tRump-Justice Dept. analogy – “Guard dog” might be a better one, because if tRump had an actual dog, he would keep it short-chained to a tree in the front yard and never feed it.

    1. He was never allowed to have a dog after the incident that got him sent away to military school.

  3. Remember Barr’s resume? He would not find Trump responsible for, well, anything. These S.O.B.’s. Will not stop. They must be stopped by what ever means it takes. Now would be easier than latter.

  4. Here is my question, is it an odd stretch for the culture at the DOJ to have filtered to a few state AGs. Some weird things have happened over the year. Yes, I think this is funny. Deep in the heart of Texas.

  5. So former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was involved and former Attorney Bill Barr continued it…Why this doesn’t surprise me.

  6. So , the rule of thumb is : Anything the trump administration accused ANYONE of doing , the trump administration were up to their elbows in . TFG was and remains the master of projection .

  7. Are any of the DOJ trump supporters still working in the DOJ? If so, Garland needs to clean house!

  8. Unless the Rs can defend themselves in a court of law (for which I think they would break their own noses miserably in the process by trying to do so), that scandal means a gross breach of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

  9. They spied in search of leaks? Lol! If you believe that Bugs Bunny has a bridge he’ll sell you.

  10. I’m hearing calls for Investigation’s & Inquiries.
    OK, can we do these while Donald John Trump is a Guest of The Federal Correctional System.
    I’VE Heard,,, The Epstein Suite has been Repainted.

  11. The Orange Pumpkin and his administration exploited the rules for all Four Years of his presidency and it will be befitting to see him get the Prison Bed left vacant on 14 April 2021 when Bernie Madoff passed away.

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