Garland Announces DOJ Will Double Staff ‘Protecting The Right To Vote’

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Depart of Justice would be doubling its staff focusing on "protecting the right to vote" as states pass new voting laws.
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  1. start with accountability and consequences for members of the congress and government who are complicit with the insurection.

    1. Gaetz, Tangerine Palpatine, Powell, Margarine Trailer Queen and Flynn are out NOW speaking, actively trying to start a CIVIL WAR.

    2. Start with 4 year prison sentences for everybody that thinks invalid 4 year impeachment efforts are ok

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis the media does lie and are never held accountable and he never did anything to violate human rights you must watch a lot of CNN and MSNBC

    2. @R 777 M. AZ had 2 previous forensic audits that found NO fraud, the government also did its own investigation and found NO fraud.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis I told you to wait for the Arizona Audit results and t won’t end up there, more States will do the same soon.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis explain to me how my post, outlining what fascism is and how it often originates from the Right, is anything like what Trump tried to do?

      Something tells me you didn’t actually read and just assume I am a Trump apologist.

  2. Sounds great, but I’ll wait until they actually take action. Until then, they’re just all talk.

    1. I think this _is_ an action, they’re doubling the department to handle this. That’s literally putting your money where your mouth is

    2. Agreed. Let’s see if the DoJ is successful in hiring competent, effective lawyers who will go after those criminal politicians and groups responsible for passing illegal voter suppression laws.

    3. @sixbladeknife44 you are terrified of confronting the corruption huh? Sad. Be safe! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Progressive Humanist
      Amazing how much this government is taking control away from the citizens. What’s next?
      It’s going to be … government owns every citizen …from cradle to grave…you have no say.

    2. I’ll believe that, when he stops interfering in lawsuits against DJT and releases the Mueller report that he stopped from being shown to the public in full. So far all his department seems to do is protect the prior corrupt administration.

    1. @Alan Smith ya sheple a bring the amount that comes in slowly by law..leagally..yes dumass

  3. What about those new anti voting laws where the legislature has given themselves the authority to throw out all the votes they don’t like, until they get the result they do like?

    1. Go read the United States constitution it gives state legislatures the sole right in the voting process

    2. @stenbak88 As long as it doesn’t restrict the voting rights of all eligible U.S. citizens right to VOTE..AND I DO MEAN ALL!

    3. @Progressive Humanist if they refuse the certify, the election by default will go to the speaker of the house

    4. @stenbak88 no, they don’t have sole right in the voting process,

      Article I, Section 4, Clause 1:

      The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

    1. @Randall Bryant I actually have a degree and make $125k a year. Congrats on your Uber app!

    2. @B Taylor- If you haven’t heard of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page then you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    3. @Fake President well he didn’t do 8 years for nothing I mean really now get a clue. Snowflake

  4. It’s a target-rich environment! These 45-cult Rs require a judicious dose of the law before they do anymore damage. That ridiculous post-election FRAUDIT in AZ is a great place to start. Encouraging to hear DOJ go public with action.

    1. @the legendztruth There was no fraud!!! Nothing was rigged!!! Rump lost!!! Get on with your feeble life!!!

    2. You may want to get your corrupt racist socialist democrat KKK propaganda facts of LIES straight! It your racist party that is not following the law!

    3. @J. B. Godfather They will soon be announcing what we’ve known since the 3rd. Liberal tears will flow like niagara falls, flash flood warnings will be lighting up our phones.

    4. @Lemay missippi in 2011 did a poll on if interracial marriage should be legal and 46% said it should be illegal. Guess what party they support 😂

  5. He should’ve started the speech with “I wasn’t planning on being this bold but Rachel Maddow’s been calling me out and I need to distract the public while also getting them back on my side”… While we applaud steps in the right direction, don’t forget all the instances of fraud he hasn’t stood up to

    1. @RuRdy2RK i wish but Garland continued the justice department’s lawsuit against E. Jean Carroll that was started under AG Barr… that literally takes his approval and doesn’t leave me with much hope

  6. Hallelujah!!!! Amen— THIS is what we need!!!!– we will STILL get out to VOTE and make SURE our voices are heard!!!!!!

  7. The more they attempt to delegitimatize our votes,
    the more determined we are to vote! 💖🤍💙🗽

    1. Once herd immunity is reached it is peaceful marching time in every major city in this Nation. We are going to take our power back.

    2. Biden ain’t gonna give you a quicky no matter how many times you shill him and the democratic party.

    3. People that have nothing to hide aren’t afraid of audits. Voter ID can be obtained by anyone, saying a black person can’t get an ID is racist lol

  8. Headlines tomorrow: “DOJ shuts down Arizona audit. Hires a custodian firm to sweep up all the ballots dropped, used as napkins, changed with Crayons, and those with bamboo shavings glued to them.”

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