Voting Rights Facing ‘Exceedingly Narrow’ Path In Congress

NBC News' Sahil Kapur discusses the latest on the future of voting rights in Congress and says Democrats "don't have a path to getting any major voting rights legislation through as long as the 60 vote threshold remains."
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  1. If people actually wanted to vote for Republicans,
    the GOP would make sure that everyone, everywhere, at any time
    could vote in any way conceivably possible.

    1. Which is precisely why the GQP is passing all these voter suppression bills into law. They know that if every eligible voter votes, they will lose.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em According to Civiqs polling the public didn’t actually care much. The approval rate dropped about 10% but has already rebounded.

  2. Don’t be so generic. Name names. Grandstanding, obstructionist Manchin actively wants the kind of voter manipulation to give the Republicans all the unfair advantages they can accomplish without any oversight.

    1. @Eric Klaus yeah by paid clowns from out of state. yeah you’re right, bucko. That last admin paid actors. B level at best. lolz

    2. @Eric Klaus Good cult member… Have another shredded ground bacon treat…

    3. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid why call me a cult member? Did this happen yes and you got cult member out of it. You do know that you make no sense?

  3. This is the year 2021? American is going backwards. Republicans will suppress women and young people voting rights next.

  4. Dems need to find out exactly what Manchin wants for WV & dangle that carrot in exchange for passing these voting rights & infrastructure bills.

  5. Oh please! So dramatic! It’ll go to SCOTUS and they’ll turn it away and say it’s illegal. IT’S ILLEGAL!!!

  6. Watch out for Manchin, who took a big money just days before he flipped on the side. Again it is the “money/power” behind the scene that changed the public servant’s soul. Since Trump got to the WH, everything was determined by the power/money grab, ignoring the importance to protect constitutional rights, focusing on their own personal interests.

  7. Msnbc, you have a new video running “Garland announces DOJ will double staff protecting the right to vote”. MSNBC, are you paying attention to what you just posted or are you just posting randomly? LOLz

  8. No path. No way. Voters already have plenty of time to vote. They’re even getting free rides to the polls and a day off to vote and too many days of early voting, etc., etc., etc.. Election Day is a Holiday.

  9. We have Putin’s troll farms brainwashing a large number of people across the country..,I see this in my friends who look for a conspiracy every day

  10. The GOP is hiding behind the Guise of Voter Identification & Validation. One would think that 100% Voter Turnout would benefit All Political Parties.

  11. It’s a narrow path cuz the word is out on the for the people act, more like the for the Nazi Dem party act. Fix the border too

  12. There is no path forward on anything. This is minority rule. We are heading into out American apartheid of republicans get power back.

  13. Donald Trump has praised Joe Manchin for “doing the right thing” after the Democratic senator announced he will vote against scrapping the filibuster and his party’s Unconstitutional voting rights bill.

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