Rachel To Lawrence: District Attorney Investigating Trump ‘Blew Me Away’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. On Aug. 7, 1974, Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., House Minority Leader John Rhodes, R-Ariz., and Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott, R-Pa., made it clear to Nixon that he faced all-but-certain impeachment, conviction, and removal from office in connection with the Watergate scandal…

    Nixon announced his resignation the next day, which would be effective at noon on Aug 9, 1974.

    In his 2006 book “Conservatives Without Conscience,” former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean wrote that the Capitol Hill trio “traveled to the White House to tell Nixon it was time to resign.”

    In his 1988 autobiography, Goldwater wrote that after hearing their grim assessment, Nixon “knew beyond any doubt that one way or another his presidency was finished.”

    This was back when the Republican party still had at least a modicum of dignity, decency, integrity, and a sense of right and wrong. Today, thanks to Trump, Moscow Mitch, Graham, Nunes, Jordan, Barr, Meadows, and others, the wholesale corruption of the GOP is now complete.

    The Republican Party is now led by a kleptocratic crime boss who ruled over the most scandal-ridden administration in history. Nixon’s administration may have been  riddled with criminality—but in 1973, the Republican Party was still a somewhat normal party, that still played by the rules, so Nixon was forced to resign. But not anymore. Those days are long gone.

    The corruption we see in the Republican party today can be defined as institutional depravity. It isn’t an occasional failure to uphold norms, but a consistent repudiation of them. It isn’t about dirty money so much as the pursuit and abuse of power—power as an end in itself, justifying almost any means.

    Donald is now the grotesque face of the rot within the party itself. And it reeks of corruption, paranoia, fasc.ism, wild conspiracy theories, rac.ism and other types of hostility toward entire groups. Trump is no different than his authoritarian counterparts abroad: immoral, demagogic, hostile to institutional checks, demanding and receiving demagogic obedience and protection from the party, and knee-deep in the financial corruption that is integral to the political corruption of authoritarian regimes..

    1. Please also mention establishment Democrats who have corporate donors, and thus have agendas that are not aligned with the American people.

    2. @Chad Simmons -Oh, so now Biden was the one who stole the election? LOL…when they were passing out brains, you thought they said trains and asked for a super slow one.

    3. @Marcos Chinchilla -Oh yeah? Which donors exactly? Since Cheeto created a tax plan that only helped the rich, I’m pretty sure his donors made out like fat rats. But you’re too stuck on stupid to see that fact.

    1. Rick Simon
      The Bible is a historical fact
      Jesus is the first and last Whose spirit shall guide us safe home we’ll praise Him for all that is past And trust Him for all that is to come
      I am God’s child God is my Father Heaven is my home Every day is one day is nearer my savior is my brother Every Christian is my brother too
      This is the Christian secret to a happy life
      Jesus is King

    2. @Gags Double J
      Let’s see . . . .
      widdle donnie has broken EVERY commandment, so God helps Trump ?


    3. @Gags Double J much of the Bible has been researched and proven, but much more is absolutely not verifyable so Not historical fact.
      Now us the Bible a good and useful book ?
      Of course. Mine lives on my night table.
      But it is definitely not a science text book.

    1. In 45’s case, schadenfreude is almost mandatory, with 45’s constant baiting of responsible grown-ups. The turnabout … thing. Too bad his enablers skate free. For now.

    1. Charged ? ( LOL like RussiaGate ) ….Of course you are joking , 3 Dim (wit ) lawyers , trying to blame Trump for other people’s Emails and action and NEVER show any direct contact … OR Blame him for Nancy pants Laptop (btw …still missing ) this N@zi show trial would never stand up in a real court

    2. @Brian Nave
      Thanks for showing us how much of Donald’s kool aid you’ve ingested. Hopefully it’ll wear off soon and you’ll be able to think rationally and independently again. 😈👍🇺🇸✌

    1. @Favour Bridgette Benedict Arnold: I committed treason against the United States of America.
      Donald Trump: hold my beer.

    1. Yeah, but you could see he’s a bit jelous of Rachel for booking the DA first.
      Someone in his office will not be having a great day.

    1. Because Washington has such a high conviction rate of top level officials right. Trump is not going to be found guilty. MSNBC lies to satisfy it’s audience. Try sky news or even fox if you want the whole story. Or be spoon fed your opinion and told what to feel and think.

    1. @Keith Wigley Officer Sicknick’s family must be wondering who will be held accountable for his brutal murder.. as well as the 130 + Officers who were assaulted and will have to live with life changing injuries.. lost eyes; etc.. DISGRACEFUL to know that the instigator will probably NOT to held to account.. as he NEVER has been..

    2. @miapdx: There are STILL Nazi-Republicans in office all across the land, more than a few of them having been RE-ELECTED last election. GW was RE-ELECTED after having lied the country into a war over oil. Does that answer the question of whether Americans are really that stoopid?

  2. I’m really looking forward to hearing the words, federal inmate tRump, every time a news story involving him comes along.

    1. ‘The former, failed, stake salesman’
      ‘The childrens’ cancer charity theif’
      ‘The serial bankrupt….’
      ‘That guy who ‘fell in love’ with the N.Korean dictator’
      ‘The former tv reality show host’

      Plenty of other names.

    1. Yes it is, scores of corrosive democraps calling for violence and harassment of fellow citizens….and doing just that for the last 9 months ! It’s horrible what they did….killing people and burning cities to the tune of billions !! Choke that down if you can!!

    2. @Daniel Morse “I like him because he legitimises my dodgy views and ethics.” -Every Trump supporter, ever.

  3. My hope is that several states where he tried to tamper with election results and/or conspire to overturn the election results in specific states—I hope they all go after him, and tie him up in different states’ courtrooms for years. And then I hope he gets convicted on some of them and has to spend successive sentences in various state penns. Oh sweet justice, but I won’t hold my breath, because Trump seems to weasel out of everything.

    1. Death (because of age) is most likely closer than jail for Trump. Either way is fine, but our judicial system lacks in expedience. Trump knows how to stall the courts very well. He’s the king of bringing lawsuits against people and 1000’s of them have been filed against him. Never once, NEVER NEVER NEVER did he sit one day in jail.

    2. @Granny2 Levi Something horrific has to happen to him, it must!!
      “May God ruin him.”
      ~ Muftia Tlaib

      “So let it be written, so let it be done”.

      ~ Ramses II

    3. @ Mary – I’m hopeful but I won’t hold my breath. Trump has gotten away with so much for so long that he appears he believes he is invincible by his continued bad actions/words/threats.

  4. This beautiful amazing black woman, the District DA in Georgia, is fascinating. I look forward to following her in the future.

  5. She floored Rachel Maddow. That’s an achievement. Time for Georgia to save America for the fourth time in as many months.

  6. Coming soon to a venue near you,’retribution is sweet’ starring donald” just find me 11,780 votes” and lyndsey”my favorite colour is yellow” graham.wonderful !

    1. uh, Georgia doesn’t have Republican Senators any more! Took care of the problem, mainly because of this very subject!

  7. I believe that the democrats built a criminal case for the impeachment trial of the previous president that any prosecutor could put in front of a grand jury. They really did a good job.

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