Prof. Glaude: Two Americas On ‘Full View’ During Impeachment Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Prof. Glaude: Two Americas On ‘Full View’ During Impeachment Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC


Prof. Eddie Glaude Jr. says “the facts don’t matter” to some Republican senators in Trump’s impeachment trial because they see themselves as “defending a way of life.” He tells Lawrence O’Donnell “there are two Americas that are on full view in this moment and we see one side defending one version of America and another side defending another.” Aired on 02/12/2021.
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Prof. Glaude: Two Americas On ‘Full View’ During Impeachment Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. They attacked a constitutional process, which is the same as attacking the living, breathing Constitution— the soul of America. Forget about the GOP—save the Constitution!

    2. This is why with lovely cancel culture Dems the nation will remain divided and a civil war could actually occur ! Very sad

  1. Think of the mcnugget stains on the resolute desk theyll have to try to get out again… i mean… think of the cleaning staff.

    1. The Republican response is very easy to understand, once you fully accept the fact that they have no morals or ethics of any kind whatsoever.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera If one has empathy, one can find it difficult to understand how people can act or live without it.

    3. It is laughable when democrats claim that they love facts, it really is. This is coming from a party who will never agree that abortion is murdering of babies. I will tell you what is unfathomable sir, it is the deafening silence while babies are killed inside their mothers womb. “Unfathomable? What a joke.

    4. @t k I hear you laughing, but I am not laughing. Do you think no Republicans have or support abortion in any case? Do you think all Democrats always do? Do you focus on this issue to avoid all murder by Republicans? Hello? Can you talk across the aisle without joking? Death and murder and abortion are serious issues. <3

  2. Have you noticed that apart from maybe Native Americans the Impeachment Manager’s are a cross section of the American People not just old white Americans. Unfortunately the accused, his lawyers and the ‘jury’ of GOP senators are almost solely old white male Americans. That is two America’s…

    1. …and it is the old white male America that’s struggling to go back to the Dark Ages….they want to keep their slave plantations in an era where only white men were allowed to vote. May I also say that sadly, in rural America, these are people whose education is hardly sufficient to equip them to face the new world.

  3. I agree with Professor Glaude, it is absolutely about what is at stake, two Americas each defending their way of life. Who will be the winner?

  4. My God Republicans we do not bend a knee or kiss a ring to one person!!! Stand up to the oath you took!!! We need to purge tRump out of our government and restore our America

    1. They are Pathetic and Weak and are a Embarrassment to their families that they were Cowards who were too scared to stand up to a Lying orange swampy clown..
      The whole thing is Disgraceful for the repugz.. They will regret it but it will be too late..!!

    2. If justice doesn’t matter to them, let their fiscal conservative side decide that taxpayers should not be forced to financially support that criminal with $millioin$ in pension and expense accounts for the rest of his life.

  5. Bipartisanship on impeachment!
    Bipartisanship on constitutionality of the trial!
    Bipartisanship on conviction: No, the GOP/QOP will not do the right thing for the country!

  6. Republicans are defending America’s de facto oligarchy. And getting back to a functioning democracy will take nothing less than 100 percent commitment from every Democrat and independent voter.

  7. Its America and its “America” – the former being the America by far most Americans want and the latter is the fascist and racist abomination of America the trumpublican minority want.

  8. When referring to anyone who votes to acquit DT, add Mudd to their name:
    Mudd Cruz, Mudd Hawley, Mudd Graham, Mudd Lee, Mudd Rubio, etc

  9. There has always been two America’s. Two justice systems, two policing policies, etc. Trump, has been committing crimes his entire life and getting away with it.

  10. So, Basically one “side” is still fighting the civil war and the other isn’t. (Or Reconstruction, since it never really ended)

  11. I’d be afraid of Trump winning too considering what he did during 4 years?? Win or loose we all loose when it comes to Trump!

  12. The professor is right. Most republican senators are defending the idea of the Confederacy by all means including ignoring facts.

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