1. Air strikes and war are not free . Rand Paul is libertarian,and truly believe war acts are a waste of tax payer money. He will always oppose military action no matter what party is in the White House.

    2. ​@Brian Jennings Hey, hey what’s wrong with supporting someone who is completely opposite of your professed values? Well…aside from the obvious.

    1. @yawdy DiOriginal … You are ignorant. What have we gotten from Iraq? China get’s most of their Oil. Tell me, did they go to war there and spend blood and treasure? No they didn’t. What have we gotten from Japan, Germany, South Korea, Vietnam. You’re a massively ignorant fool knowing nothing.

    2. @mike becker bush had a chance, obama had a chance, and both passed, they decided the cost to the USA was too high.

    3. @Charles L Jones … Iran has been conducting a proxy war against the U.S. for over 20 years. Nobody is being “provoked” for their speech, but their actions. Or are missles shot at Israel which is funded by Iran our “imagination”?
      LOL, Obama giving Iran BILLIONS accomplished “what” again?

      As to Russia… Yes, I don’t like Russia and how it cozy’s up with the evil in the world, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Even though I like other things about Russia, that’s one of it’s serious flaws. But, no surprise Leftists love the evil of the world.

    1. Paul still won’t put the blame directly on Trump. He had the balls to say he got bad advice. Like you said, his best people gave him the advice. If those are the best people according to him I’d hate to see the rejects.

    2. @Billy Hoyle since when is the stable genius listening to advice when he knows more than anybody with his BIG BRAIN🧠👁

    1. You’re the child that Rand is referring too. Letting your personal emotions and feelings affect unrelated issues. Forget about your hate for the left, and realize it wasn’t the most logically sound decision.

    2. Ric Flair so why DIDNT trump do something of equal retaliation when the Saudi prince killed an American journalist and it was taped and proven?? But that American life wasn’t worth his arms deal he made with Saudi Arabia

    1. He’s blaming Everybody and everybody and if he doesn’t watch what he says Iraq will destroy him

    2. @Evon Zundel I agree that Bolton is probably all for this, but still there’s a big difference in generally wanting to have a regime change in Iran and having specifically counseled Trump to order this. This one is on Pompeo and Trump. Rand Paul had no business bringing Bolton’s name into it, as he really had no direct influence on the decision. At this point Hannity has more to say than Bolton when it comes to Trump.

    3. @Evon Zundel True…but Bolton isn’t there anymore. Rand Paul simply doesn’t have the stones to say his Dear Leader (or anyone still in the administration) screwed up. Apparently, the “buck” for something they did last week, stops with that guy that they fired months ago, because they couldn’t agree with him! Pompeio is just as spineless as Trump, and Paul isn’t much better!

    4. Of course! Bolton is talking about testifying in the Senate Impeachment Trial. Witness intimidate much, Batman?

    1. I generally never agree with Rand Paul, but in this case, he is correct. The White House is being run by infants

  1. The Daily Beast has revealed that Soleimani was in Iraq to mediate peace based on Trump’s request. Is that sick or what.

  2. War is fought by younger people, at the behest of older people who are grasping for power and attempting to remain relevant.

    1. T. Noel Trudell- Kay’s, Wars cannot be fought AT ALL if the younger people quit VOLUNTEERING to serve.

    1. @Paul Padegenis he votes against his own party and Trump supported bills more than any other Republican besides Thmoas Massie. He votes against Trump over 30% of the time…

    2. He’s an AnCap and son of a Klan fanboi.
      He would be the most prominent Opthalmologist on Fury Road if he had his way. Shiny and chrome.

    1. I know right! It’s so hard to agree with a Republican when they never fit into our narrative or dream like we do of our perfect liberal utopia. Like OMG! 😱

    2. I’ve agreed with him more than I haven’t, but have had some divisions over the years, mainly because he is more of a get along to go along guy than his dad. He understands politics, and is a lot more flexible than Ron Paul, my patron saint of the libertarian mindset.

    3. Careful with that opinion. A leftist might see it 10 years from now and decide you need your life ruined.

    1. Because Trump wants his 4 prong military attack just like his hero. Trump is about to hit Iran,already in Iraq refusing to leave. US military generals lying saying the Iraqi PM sent him an unsigned letter to get out so they don’t have to.Trump has almost a full Naval fleet in the South China sea, child molesters Pence is causing problems in Venezuela,making stupid threats. Guido’s own party voted him out n Pence is demanding him to be let back in. Trump sent a bunch of b52 to an island by Iran. BTW, one US General gave official notice to Iraqi PM that the US troops were leaving starting tomorrow. Shortly after some other US General claims Iraqi PM didn’t sign the get out letter therefore US doesn’t have to leave. US military already has Iran surrounded. US military radicalized jihadis killing for their beast master of unclean spirits is ra el.

    1. That was in the time of Plato.
      Now everything in life on this planet is radically different,even wars are very different.
      Now only the alive person see the ends of wars.

    1. Trump lies period about everything. So you trump Trash get ready for your lives to become turned upside down now with war around the corner.!

    2. But Saddam had them and he was ready to use them,but his high officers refused and that was why he executed them.

    1. So you think marijuana should be illegal, you support the Federal Reserve System, you support spying on Americans, you support the Patriot Act. Oh and you love asset forfeiture.

      Good positions to have 😂

  3. Washington: “I can’t tell a lie”
    Nixon: “I can’t tell the truth”

    Trump: “I can’t tell the difference”

  4. Send the elected officials kids first to war. We’ll see how fast they want to make peace and not start another losing war that cost the taxpayers billions.

    1. Nah … In Trump’s case it wouldn’t matter. As a narcissist he only cares about himself. His Children are only useful if they make him look good. He would gladly send them just to point and say: “See, I am willing to send my own children; I’m a brave hero! The braveryesteder!”

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