1. Trump opened the sewer into the swamp, and Mitch McConnel is the buttplug keeping all that human detritus in. Trump is the biggest turd in it, and the last that will be flushed. Then maybe we can get back to the alligators and leeches of days past. Swamps are a natural part of the ecosystem. Human sewage is the real problem here.

    1. Trump is extremely irresponsible with his rhetoric, and stubborn as a mule. He threated to hit 52 targets if Iran retaliates, which is stupid on so many levels. For one thing, he chose 52 as symbolism for the ’79 hostages instead of choosing them for strategic value. But let’s go back 40 years and give Iran an excuse to be vengeful and never stop holding a grudge. Yeah, that’s worked so well in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, where anyone on either side can cite anything as justification because “they started it”. He threatened cultural sites, which is basically saying he blames the Iranian PEOPLE. That’s way to close to being actual US state-sponsored terrorism.

    1. olrik parlez – I know. It’s probably a waste of time. But every once in while I find someone who is actually reasonable and will listen to reason. Bill Fuentes seems pretty reasonable here. I’m hopeful for him.

    2. @Ali Ahmadi Wow, the requirements for earning a Master’s degree sure have declined. You should demand your money back. You are everything you just accused @Bovine One of.

  1. Destroying cultural sites doesn’t just punish “the enemy.” It punishes humanity. Countless scholars of art, architecture, history, and religion spend their entire lives studying these so we can all collectively appreciate and benefit. Then again, Trump and his crowd….yeah, not really the “cultured” types are they?

    1. @Oh the Horror Proof? Source? Right wing nut news doesn’t count. All Trump supporters lie, unfortunately.

    1. kelly ann made it clear what he meant to say was whining not winning america will grow so tired of the whining

  2. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

    1. @Tyler Larre So you edited your comment but you still have an ‘a’ instead of changing it to an ‘an’. Your an idiot in other words.

    1. Good luck with that, you talking about a coward who wouldn’t even serve his dam self, it’s easier to send real Americans to do his fighting, this country is the most racist people running it, that’s why God is dissapointed in us, because we allow these parasites to get away with it, we don’t stand together, like the people of Hong Kong does, hats off to those people.

    2. I’m sure he’d be right there on the front lines but those darn bone spurs are acting up again. Trump is truly a terrifying human being.

  3. Let’s be clear: Assassinating the second most powerful person in a country we are not at war with is an act of out-and-out warmongery. Imagine how the U.S. would respond if Iran drone-striked Mike Pompeo at JFK International Airport.
    The attack on Soleimani is only the latest escalation of aggression toward Iran that began when Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018.
    This thin-lipped, consultant-speak mewling is not going to stop a war with Iran. What’s needed is a unified, full-throated denunciation of this absolutely unjustified and almost certainly illegal attack. There is absolutely no proof – none – that Soleimani was busily preparing for an “imminent” and “sinister” attack on U.S. interests, as our extraordinarily dishonest president has claimed.

    1. @ Cherokee8328 …And yet Trump’s response to the attack on the US base in Kenya which killed two US contractors and a US soldier is meh…Trump absolutely assassinated the Iranian general because he is trying to trigger war with Iran which is the reason he dishonored the Iran Nuke Agreement in 2018. The US Military Industrial Complex needs more blood shed to keep those profits coming in.

    2. Absolutely. And that’s the issue most Americans, especially the idiots making up Donnie’s base don’t see.

    3. I seriously doubt our founding fathers would have sanctioned an assassination of the second highest ranked official in a foreign government even IF we were at war with them. The basic issue is that it sets a really, really, bad precedent. And by the way, a “criminal” is determined in a court of law, and there are international courts where the case could have been made, and with international support, such a move would have been quite different than an assassination, which this was. Live by the sword ….

    4. @Cherokee8328 no one is denying the guy that was killed was a murderer, but he’s already been replaced with someone else……sooooo…..what now? You’re back to square one again….ooops

  4. I love it how the crowd size at Soleimani’s funeral dwarfs Trump’s* inauguration~!
    That has got to hurt Trump.

    1. Hey Ren@ss why don’t you fly over to Iran, strap a bomb on yourself and blow something up? Make yourself useful.

    2. I am thinking at tRumps funeral there will be a lot more in attendance all chanting in unison = Ding Dong the witch is dead the witch is dead
      Which old witch?
      Well, uh, the wicked witch ( Oh)
      Ding Dong, the wicked witch is dead
      Oh yeah, happy day

    1. @Deb Kellar Yonni onelove was being sarcastic, as indicated by calling Trump a “stable Genius”, obvious sarcasm.

    2. @Leeanne Bishop I think it is worth noting that the Ayatollah publicly stated, and told his followers NOT to target US citizens or tourists. I dunno what he’s gonna do, but it is unlikely to be worse than the already scheduled correction to the stock market, in terms of its direct effect on the USA economy.

    3. He couldn’t fold an umbrella and walk up stairs at the same time 🙂 So, yeah I’m sure he’s got a whole covfefe exit strategy meticulously planned out 🙂 for after he loses the election.

  5. Why did Trump fire ‘warmonger’ John Bolton? Trump didn’t like that Bolton didn’t like quid pro quo of aid to Ukraine

    1. Because Bolton wasn’t a big enough warpig for him, Pompeo on the other hand is perfect and will not be holding him back.

    2. There’s the influence of rapture-mad Iran hawks like Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence. Defense officials who might have stood up to Trump have all left the administration. According to Peter Bergen’s book “Trump and His Generals,” James Mattis, Trump’s former secretary of defense, instructed his subordinates not to provide the president with options for a military showdown with Iran. But with Mattis gone, military officials, The Times reported, presented Trump with the possibility of killing Suleimani as the “most extreme” option on a menu of choices, and were “flabbergasted” when he picked it.

    1. Soleimani was lured into Baghdad by Saudi Arabia and Trump. Look it up. Iraqi Prime Minister said it all.

  6. Washington: “I can’t tell a lie”
    Nixon: “I can’t tell the truth”

    Trump: “I can’t tell the difference”

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