Rand Paul Reveals His Wife Bought Stock In Covid Treatment In Feb. 2020 1

Rand Paul Reveals His Wife Bought Stock In Covid Treatment In Feb. 2020


Mehdi Hasan: “Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has been so consistently pro-Covid you might think he had a financial interest in more people getting Covid. And it turns out, in a weird way, he kind of did.”

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  1. One year and a half later,rand Paul finally realized that he couldn’t be amnesiac anymore! Would he show mercy if a Democrat had forgotten?

    1. He wouldn’t show any mercy. He’d be out here ranting and raving about hanging them for a similar mistake!

    1. @mintymus sounds more like the republicans platform except everyone who doesn’t support us is a communist and babies lives only matter when they’re in a woman’s womb!

  2. Ignorance isn’t an excuse for breaking the law we tried that we’d be in jail just like Martha Stewart

    1. @Sophie Robinson “cheat like Wakefield”? What does he have to do with lawsuits that ICAN has won that prove that vaccines are not properly safety tested.

    2. ambuda1 Wakefield has to do with you making claims on things that haven’t been tested with control groups and sufficient people. Nor have your claims been through a peer review process. Unvaccinated people are dying, and innocent children are dying.

  3. It just amazes me how there are rules for regular people, that don’t apply to the rich & powerful… I remember not being able to enter a contest because my family member worked for the company and might have inside information.

    1. Andre Cuomo was a Democrat how much integrity did he have. Identifying with one party doesn’t automatically make you a good person.

    2. How much integrity does Nancy Pelosi’s have when she is doing HER insider trading? She bought stock in electric vehicles days before she voted for a bill to buy electric vehicles for the government.

  4. Ban direct congressional stock ownership, of both the congressperson and their spouse. Presidents are expected (but not required) to divest their own investments into blind trusts to assure detachment from emoluments, why are congress-people exempt?

  5. Look back at the beginning or even look at who paid to gain function who’s benefiting the most? Yep

  6. Ironically, laws and regulations controlling those kinds conflicts of interests are controlled by very group taking advantage of it. This is not new. I’ve been hearing this news decades ago.

  7. In ancient Rome, senators convicted of corruption were sewn into a sack with a wild animal and thrown into the river.

    You can learn a lot from history.

    1. a swastika cut into his forhead as in the Quentin Tarantino movie would let everybody know what he is.

  8. Throw away your masks – get covid.. get treatment.

    Shame they recently withdrew Remdesivir as a treatment for Covid.

  9. “Loads of my citizens dying, time to make money!” what a class act, got to wonder at what type of person votes for him.

  10. See, the people who say not to take the vaccine are making money off the hospitalizations. Finally someone is following the money.

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